Achilles Abas: The Exterminating Angel

[ ~ Sudden Impact the PPV its over! Many people were pleased with the spectacle, but thousands of Achilles Abas' fans walked away from the arena disgusted with the GWF organization because they dint presented their main eventer, their show stopper, their real deal, the one and only: Achilles Abas. Duh! of course the GWF oranization dint presented Mr. Abas on their PPV because like Genecide said it best: he needs to proof his greatness with some mediocre performer before even been consider a spot in their live televise broadcasts. Is Genocide stupid or what? Don't he know about Achilles Abas' legendary at, oh dear, ejem, hello there, it's me again, The Narrator. Like always, I think I'm all by my self. How are you? I'm doing fine, thanks for asking. Did you enjoyed the PPV? I sure did. Any cuts on your forehead? *** LOL *** ~ ]

[ ~ Picture this: its Sunday, June 3, 2001 and its about 1:00 PM. In a little bit of information, today marks the starting date of the hurricane season at the Tropic region. An what an irony! today starts the Achilles Abas' season also in the new vision of the GWF. I know that the fury of Achilles Abas will strike in this organization because is his destiny to reign supreme. I know by now that, a lot of young wannabe starts of the GWF are scared of his physical presence. But that's not all, they should be scared when they enter to the square circle to face the ultimate performer: Achilles Abas, my boss and your future reality. Lets continue, shall we? Picture this: duh! hello! its still Sunday, June 3, 2001 but it is now like 2:00 PM. Achilles' scene fades in into a room, a hotel room. Where, I don't know. Probably at the same city where Sudden Impact the PPV was held. Ray of lights are traspassing the crystal sliding door and hitting directly into the eye of Achilles Abas, who is sitted in a reclinable chair with his legs up in a ottoman. Achilles' hands are laying on his abs, while his tumbs are circuling each other on and on and on. Achilles seems to be thinking. About what? I don't know. Well, I do know but, lets keep the suspense. He! He! He! ok, I see its not funny for you mister cold heart. Oh, Achilles is moving! Achilles Abas stands up from the chair he was laying on and walk through the open sliding door into the balcony. Achilles is wearing a basic white t-shirt with orange shorts. Nothing fancy. At the distance, we see the magnificent skyline of the city of Dallas (there! we are at Dallas, Texas! whoopi!). Achilles takes a look to the horizon and smiles. The smile painted in this lips its almost demonic. Achilles spit over the balcony and seconds later, a male voice is heared, screaming about the spit on his head. Achilles laughs. He lays his hands on the balcony and says ... ~ ]

The people of my realm needs their hero once again. I'm willing to sacrifice my flesh and soul in order to fulfill that necesity of the people of the Abas Empire. And in order to be that man they want, I have to start the construction of my Empire as soon as possible. The newest vision of the GWF seems to be a great ground to build it. So, let the genocide begins.

[ ~ Achilles once again smiles. He sits on a chair, still facing the Dallas skyline ~ ]

Why should I have to prove something to me? I already know who great I am. And, why should I have to prove something to him? Why? My curriculum vitae wasn't enough for him? Or is he hidding behind that cocky attitude because he already knows that I am the better wrestler between he and I. With just one day of being TV Champion, he is already making demands. Stupid demands I have to say. I don't have to prove anything to me or to you, sir. I proved myself as a wrestler years ago when I won the United States of America Heavyweigth Championship Belt and Title in just my first start as a professional wrestler. I proved myself as a wrestler years ago when I won the World Heavyweight Championship Belt and Title in just my second start as a professional wrestler. I proved myself as a wrestler years ago when I crippled the career of Hall of Famer Eclipse. I proved myself as a wrestler years ago when I crippled the career of Hall of Famer Snake. And beyond all, I proved myself as a destructive, machiavellian, son of a whore beign when I killed Hall of Famer Eclipse's parents in Christmas Eve. Damn! My life as a wrestler has been great. And I am just 23 years old. What can you tell me about your career? At 34 years old and its your first TV Championship Reign ever. Probably you are just a mid-card eventer that in a lucky hand defeated Jesse Briggs for such a, well, such a title. Then, I don't have to prove to you either. My vision is crystal clear: to become the next GWF Television Champion and you are on my way to accomplish it. With the TV Championship Belt around my weist and Title in my mind, my quest to become World Ruler will be less difficult. It will not be easy, but it will be less difficult.

Let me ask you something, sir, what in hell will you apport to our televised media? And, do you know that television makes you heavier, like 5 or 10 pounds heavier. And since you are an overweighted man, kids will be scare of that grotest monster named, well, you sir. While I'm a handsome man, I can apport positive things to our media. I am a true performer and wrestling fans wants that: performance. I don't give a shit about money, cars or jewlery. I don't give a shit about fans either, but, I do know I have fans and its my duty to make them "happy". Do you make your fans happy? Oh, I din't knew you don't have any fan whatsoever.

Here's another question, why should I take things slow? Here's your answer: because you want to jerk a little bit more with your title, right? I don't have to take things slowly, I dictate the pace everywehere I go. And this is my pace and this is my challenge to you. If you don't want to accept it, then is my duty as the new rising leader in the GWF to inform how coward and impotent is our Television Champion. Coward beause he dosen't want to face a newcomer for his brand new Television Championship Belt and title. Impotent because he knows he will be screaming so loud in pain when I apply the most electrifying, can I say electrifying in the GWF? ha! ha! ha! ha! finishing move ever created: The Achilles' Heel.

Genecide you will be the grindstone that I will use to polish my abilities as a performer to the unkown limits. With you, I will catapult my name into the main event league. Its your destiny to be the first courageous fool to be traped and crippled by the legend of Achilles Abas. Don't run away from it, because sooner or later, you will get it. This fairy tale will not have a happy ending, at least for you. Beware of the man I am, be scare of the monster I will unleash.

[ ~ Achilles laughs out loud. The scene goes static ~ ]

[ ~ Fin ! ~ ]