[ ~ Hello Punjab, how was your day today? It's me, the one and only Narrator, oficial storyteller of Mr. Achilles Abas, TV Champion of the GWF. I hope that you are ready to start a brand new day in a couple of hours, ah? Let me get this out of my, my, chest then, Genecide is the worst competitor Achilles has faced in his entire career. Why, because he just showed how desperate he is in his quest to defeat Achilles Abas. Paying a narrator with physical presence to imitate me! ME! among all people he can imitate, he imitates me! I'm a voice, just a voice with no physical presence. Is he dumb? Is he imbecil? Damn! How clueless Genecide is. That last televised segment demonstrated it! If I could only wrestle that asshole. But I can't, I'm just a voice and my mission is to narrate exclusively to Mr. Achilles Abas, TV Champion of the GWF. Genecide, you are making this personal aren't you? But I know Achilles and I know he will demolish you at Dead Zone and I just pray he breaks your ankles so you can be out from this wrestling organization for a long long time. You don't deserve to be here! You make this place a shitty place to be. Let me ask you this, how long did it taked to script that "narrator's lines" ah? a day? two days? a week? because what I have seen from you, you Genecide don't have the ability, talent or imagination to came with such entertaining lines in a coupple of hours. I think that Achilles is right, you are being helped out! You have a crew behind your name in order to gain some advantage over Achilles Abas, but he is more than ready for this upcoming battle at Dead Zone the Pay-Per-View against you. And I thought that Cyrix VanGore was the worst competitor, a-ah! You are. At least Cyrix VanGore e-mailed Achilles Abas congratulating him for his triumph and sent him white roses after Achilles destroyed his TV Championship reign. That is sportsmanship! Genecide, you don’t have a clue of what sportsmanship is all about. In fact, you don't have a clue about wrestling at all. You are so desperate in that quest to be the first one to defeat Achilles Abas that you are making a fool of yourself. With your stupidities you aren't making Achilles Abas the fool one, you are being the fool one. So, to make you a favor, here is the definition of sportsmanship, because probably Genecide, you don’t know what a dictionary is. Sportsmanship: Conduct and attitude considered as befitting participants in sports, especially fair play, courtesy, striving spirit, and grace in losing. I just hope his English teacher translates those fancy words the dictionary said to his low budget education, because he dosen't have any education at all. Achilles is right, you are a damn copy cat! And about sportsmanship was the press conference Achilles Abas held a couple of hours ago for the World most famous media. So, once again, for this Achilles' moment we will go back in time. But, before we will do that, I have to get something out of my mind. ~ ]

[ ~ You know what? Duh! Of course you don't know. Achilles is wrestling! Plain and simple: Genecide, you sucks! I don't care if you don't agree with me, I'm not a wrestler, I'm paid to tell you the story of my boss, your TV Champ: Achilles Abas. But, enough is enough and this rugrats must be stopped. Yes, I'm talking in plural because I know now for sure, that Genecide is being helped out. I know my boss, and he is doing the right kind of war. Do I see white flags waving from the Genecide's hand? Oh hell yeah! Prepare to submit you asshole! ~ ]

[ ~ End of Narrator's transmission ~ ]

[ ~ Scene Description: It's Wednesday, June 20, 2001 in and out of Abas World. We are in the conference room "La Milla de Oro" (Golden Mile for those who do not understand Spanish) in the Westin Río Mar Hotel and Beach Club, in Río Grande, Puerto Rico. Achilles is in Puerto Rico to train for his upcoming battle with D-Range member: Genecide. In the conference room, we see reporters from the top three local newspapers along celebrities who admire the Puertorican mega star. Also we see delegates from broadcast companies as ABC, NBC, ESPN, FOX, and TELENET among others. All are waiting for Achilles Abas. It's almost 3 o'clock and we are still waiting for the Global Wrestling Federation Television Champion to come out and address the media regarding the accusations made by his opponent, the wrestler known as Genecide. Seven minutes later, Achilles Abas, dressing a black Luis Antonio's suit enters through the main door and walks towards the presidential table to start the press conference. He salutes the different delegates while walking down the improvised axis. Achilles goes behind the presidential table and right behind the podium. He takes his sunglasses and starts the conference ... ~ ]

"Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, and thank you for being here with me in such a short notice. Let's begin shall we? Great! The issue I want to discuss with you fine people of the media is a series of accusations made out by the Global Wrestling Federation employee comercially known as Genecide early today, regarding my, my, let's call it cockyness. As you all know, Genecide is booked by the Global Wrestling Federation Booking Committee to face me, the Global Wrestling Federation Television Champion for a match where the Television Championship Belt and Title is at stakes this upcoming Sunday night at GWF Dead Zone, The Pay-Per-View. I want to be accurate so bear with me because my good will and name has been degraded with this false accusations made out by my opponent, Genecide. So I quote him: ..."

"Now Abas there is some obsession you have in calling me a copycat, wow I think that was a catch phrase or something back when I was in like kindergarden, or was it preschool? I can't remember either way. Abas I am not copycat I was just letting you know that for everything you do to me there will be a similar reaction and this case was no different, you were shown just what I mean and that is buisiness. Now Abas just lean to shut the hell up for a change and end the whole copycat thing you have going on. Ok?"

"... unquote. I would like to start defending my self by saying this: why should I shut the hell up, just like Genecide said, when I'm saying the truth. Can anyone tell me why? Genecide is indeed a copycat and I can bring statistical evidence that will help my acusations and will prove him wrong. Just look at his latest televised segment, he paid a moron to narrate for him; trying to make a fool out of me. People, are you blind? Are you deaf? Watching that televised segment was like a Saturday Night Live comic performance. Genecide isn't a comic actor, and for this copycat attitude, he will be punish. But, as a great wrestler that I am, I narrow a coupple of reasons to understand Genecide's comments. People of the media, do you think I'm annoying? can that be a reason? Then, if you have answered yes, I have to tell you this, fine people of the media that you, and Genecide are wrong. The Global Wrestling Federation paids me to wrestle and perform in a square ring in front of their followers. That's my job, I don't have to do anything else. And people of the fine media, I deliver. I deliver every single time I enter to the square ring and at the upcoming PPV, I will deliver once again and I will defeat, correction, I will make Genecide submit in front of the GWF followers to retain my Television Championship Belt and Titel. In fact, I am being paid extra because of it. The Global Wrestling Federation isn't interested if I'm an annoying pest; they just want me safe and clean so I can go out and perform a 200 percent. But, If Genecide is annoyed by the way I perform, then, he should get out of this promotion, not me. I am an asset for this organization, something he isn't. Me saying in national television that Genecide is a copycat son of a whore is legal, and beyond legal, its normal. Its normal because its time to unmask Genecide from his immature role he is playing right now. The kid that knew nothing and now, out of nowhere, he is the smarter son of a gun in this business. I'm just defending my work. If have had this same problems before with mid card performers like Genecide is, and I din't care about it. But for this time in my career I will care. You see people of the media, I already figured Genecide's game. He is trying to degrade my name in front of his buddies, so he can build some kind of momentum towards our match. Momentum to him because he knows, he is sentience to death by the most Machiavellian soul ever in the wrestling business: Achilles Abas. And people of the fine media, that man is me. Genecide is trying so hard to be just like me, he deservers a Golden Rassberry for his poor, bad and stupid characterization. I'm smarter than Genecide is and I will screw him out every single time he tries to screw over me. This is natural, why he is so furious with me right now? In fact, do you want more evidence that Genecide is a copycat machine, I remember saying something about my analogy of the physics law of action / reaction. For every action Genecide makes, Achilles Abas will react better. Now, Genecide is using the same analogy. Of course, after seeing the replay of the last Destruction spectacular because he din't knew about putting me over a table or stealing my belt. See, he is a hypocrite. Sunday night at Dead Zone you will see why I am the TV Champion. I will react better to Genecide's desperate actions and I will allow my self , another titanic triumph over this dreamer. Damn! A dreamer of 34 years! He's a dreamer!"

"Genecide's game is plain and dirty, but I'm dirtier than he thinks he is. So, I did a little research and I solicited a copy of the Global Wrestling Federation RuleBook to see if my actions or his actions are legal / illegal, and look what I have found. It's very, very interesting. I reviewed with my attorneys the rules of the company and my actions are completely normal, because on the book of rules aren't statements about conduct. But, I found something that will put down Genecide, and is the following quote ..."

"Do not use another handler's wrestler, manager or characters if you don't have permission. Same goes for the on-air staff as well. Get our permission first."

" ... unquote. That's canon number 13. Meaning? That Genecide broke a work canon when he went to live television, and without my permission did a comic segment about Achilles Abas and the rest of the people of the Abas Empire. That's not right. That's an unethic behavior and if the Global Wrestling Federation dosen't do something about it, then, I will break ethics and canons and behavie just like Genecide. I am angry with Genecide, because it was a bad taste comic segment. In fact, it wasn't funny. Hey, that's canon number 14 that says, and I quote ... "

"Use you common sense and judgment. You know what is in bad taste and what is not."

"... unquote. So, Genecide broke not just one, he broke two GWF working canons. Two very important working canon may I said because you can be a mid card performer like Genecide is, but if you have the talent and charisma to be a great mid card performer, then you will get ratings and will be an asset to the company. But if you just paid money to be aired live to make such an embarassment, then kid, you should be fired from this organization. Right now, I don't feel the same joy I was experimating in the early begining of this feud, because Genecide turned it into a shitty feud. A feud only about saying the contrary about the Television Champion: Achilles Abas. We all know that those contradictions that Genecide is talking about are false rumors he wants to spread so he can put Achilles Abas as the bad guy of this scene. But, I think that Genecide's ignorance is the one killing him softly. At Dead Zone, I will just gonna finish him."

"Let's continue with my defense. Well, there are no more defenses because I won the battle. So, people of the media, let's talk about the ignorance in our, in our, in our youth and adults. I'm a fighting Champion, but I'm also a humanitarian. So, every time I see Genecide on the television screen and see him talking like he is a kindergarten student, makes me realize who impotent is our nation. And he is the future of our world. Well, I'm more than sure that I don't want my children beside Genecide because he can't give nothing valuable to them. This Sunday at Dead Zone I will put Genecide out of the masses for their good. We can't stand his ignorance any longer. And why? Because how can someone with such low educational profile can make such big accusations. Of course, the accusation right now are vanished because we all know that I am that great. But, the issue is, he is a terrible speaker, he is a terrible writer, he is a terrible thinker. Hello! How? Is Genecide now an utopic character? Whom other wrestling geniuses who can’t wrestle because they are old or they are too young are molded? And their dream of glory is behind Genecide? Give me a break! If Genecide is a character, the artists behind him truly suck. I'm the Television Champion, and I do believe that television is a good way to educate our nation, but I can't do every thing around. I'm delegating in you because as I told you, I don't want my kids around that incompetent asshole of Genecide. I can't. And I know that there are thousands of parents who are afraid of me because of my violent temper, but this is only entertainment. My job, my real job is to help people. Educate them better. Make them happy. I want to help this dying nation named United States of America, where the Sates aren't united anymore. Genecide must disappear, and he will in just a couple of days. I guarantee you all that."

"There is something I don't understand from the mentality of that dreamer of Genecide, why if this is an oficial, I QUIT MATCH, he said, and I quote ... "

"well I am glad this will be our final match because that way I wont have to worry about giving you another shot after I beat you for the ...1...2...3!"

" ... unquote. I don't understand. Or din't he understood? The second option is the right answer. If its an I QUIT MATCH, how can I win with a pinning combination. You idiot! An I QUIT MATCH is won when you make your opponent submit. So? I don't get it. Genecide, you are truly the virus who is sickening the people of my Kingdome. And I'm not gonna tolerate that. Genecide, no one will be able to stop me, not even you, not even God, and not even Lucifer himself! So I'm just telling you, in live television, that your moment of truth is at Dead Zone. You will fail this exam, like you always do. Because after all, you are the wrestler who lost to Cyrix VanGore. Genecide, there is no one that will gonna help you out. You love and dream to make me submit. Kid, the only opportunity you have to make it happen is buying a Playstation. Oh yeah, you already have a Nintendo whatever the number is. And he thinks he is a wrestler. Wrestlers don't play with Nintendo, wrestle play with real human souls in a real ring. But, back on my comment, go buy a GWF Destruction game and create your own Nintendo Character named Genecide and go on and create your own Nintendo Character named Achilles Abas and that's the only way you can win a match over me. That's the only way! In real life, you can't pin me or make me surrender to your so called power."

"To end this conference, I want to conclude with the following: Genecide is so ignorant he is killing himself. You know, this kid keep on dreaming, and reality is so cruel and I will be so cruel with him that shit, I will be more than happy to snap him out of it. Genecide, you dint gave me an opportunity, because I was a rookie, but I am giving you the oportunity to step into the ring with the rookie you think I am so you can see and feel the power this rookie has. And not only the power, the intelligence, stamina and wrestling imagination that this rookie has. So those fantasies of yours seeing me bleeding, dying in front of you, they will remain on fantasies because the reality is: Achilles Abas is TV Champion forever. Do you know the significance of the word forever? Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Gene, Gene, Gene. You are trying to make this personal are you? Ha! But you can't make it personal. You know why? Because from a stupid guy named Genecide, now you are Genecide, the Slayer, Ruler of the Darkness, Lord of the Pain, Master of Destruction. How hypocrite you are? How you dare change your style to impress me? And if that was your goal, I'm not impressed. Not even the fans are impressed with that new attitude of yours. At lest I keep on with the same tendence: The Real Deal of Wrestling. You think I don't know you, but hell, you are scared because Achilles Abas already knows everything about you. And at Dead Zone, I will use my knowledge to put you over into the Achilles' Heel and crack your career out of your system. Your soul will be mine Genecide, your body will be the appetizer for the hungry people at Paradise X. Genecide, there is nothing like hell, and I'm the most close thing to it. You will experiment hell in our battle. You will experiment hell in our battle. You will experiment hell in our battle. Genecide, there is no more time for you to create another hero with new gimmicks to scare me. You don't scare me Genecide, and at the PPV, you will see that I'm not scare at you. You will pay the consequences for your copy cat actions, because Genecide, I am your true reaction."

[ ~ Achilles' transmission hits static ~ ]

[ ~ Fin! ~ ]