[ ~ Well hello GWF Employee, what a pleasant surprise! I wasn't expecting you here because, because, well, because after all, Genecide's rude comments about my boss, your TV Champ: Achilles Abas are having some effect in the locker room and now, Achilles Abas, the GWF TV Champion is the most hated guy. I don't know why, he's such a nice guy. This is The Narrator speaking, the one and only storyteller for Mr. Abas. How are you feeling today? I'm doing good, thanks for asking. I could be better, but, that asshole of Genecide is getting on my nerves. Everytime I fly through time I see his aged face talking bullshit about the greatest wrestler ever, Achilles Abas. I do want him dead, and I'm talking literary here, dead! Not only I'm wishing that Achilles breaks both of his ankles, now I just hope Achilles decapitates that idiot. How brave Genecide is, calling me an idiot! Is he an idiot? damn, he is an idiot! Genecide, if you have a problem with me, face me. Leave Achilles Abas alone. After all, you don't care about titles. You just care about cars, money and hooking up with whores. Oh no, now you care about wrestling, after seeing Achilles Abas perform against The Broken One and The Feared One. Bah! Achilles is right, you are such a hypocrite. I don't know why you are so popular on the locker room. Ha! Ha! Ha! well, I have a quick answer for that, but, I have more class than you and I will not gonna call you faggot in front of the zillions and zillions of Abas fan. In fact Genecide, if as of right now, I'm your problem, then kid, I'm challenging you to a match at Dead Zone, the PPV. You and I, battling in the ring, in the streets, caged, straped, whatever. You name it and I will be there to kick your idiotic ass. You consider yourself a hardcore star, I will prove you wrong then. I will prove to the real world you live that you are just a softcore pussy with no wrestling abilities whatsoever. ~ ]

[ ~ Sorry, but damn, that Genecide is such an asshole. Achilles Abas is doing fine too. He is preparing himself for his upcoming battle with the Asshole, I mean, with Genecide for the GWF Television Championship Belt and Title next Sunday at Dead Zone. I'm more than sure that my boss, your champ will walk away from the PPV the Champion, like he always do. And, do you want to know why? Because Achilles Abas is an unstoppable force at this moment in the GWF. And not even Genecide, in his greatest day as a wreslter can do nothing about it. I know my boss will use Genecide's momentum to screw him out of his childhood dream of becoming TV Champ for the second time and validate the loser status that Gene is in. Achilles Abas will reign supreme forever in the GWF. Or at least 'till his contract expires. Shit, I have a work to do and a story to tell you and if you don't like my talking, move forward! ~ ]

[ ~ Destruction is history. It was a fantastic show. Fantastic not because we were witnesses of the crowning moment of a new TV Champion in Abas, that by the way, he impressed me a lot in that match against Cyrix VanGore. I'm confident that Achilles Abas can be a great mentor when he retires, if he retires. Abas can polish the abilities and turn shitty losers, like Genecide, into a valuable wrestling diamond. Just look at Genecide, in the past days he has improved so much because of Achilles Abas. But on the other hand, we all know that Genecide is being helped out with his lines, movements, pyro, choreography, costume design, makeup, yada, yada yada. Anyway, last Overload was a great show aslo (and I don't care if it wasn't televised) because it marked the first in-ring presentation of my boss, your champ, Achilles Abas. Thousands of screaming fans gathered in the stadium were electrified by Achilles' smooth but on the same time, poisoning interview regarding his upcoming battle against Genecide for the TV Title. Of course, zillions of Achilles' fans that weren't in the arena dint saw him delivering his interview, duh! So thanks to the magic of technology, I'll present to you the encore of Achilles' interview in Overload to you, that probably dint saw him either in the show. Now, our feature presentation ... ~ ]

[ ~ Scene Description: We are live from an Arena near you, somewhere in the United States of America for the edition of GWF Overload. The show has been sold out for weeks now. The audience gathered there is booing what it should be the first match of the show, between two unknown wrestlers for us. Ten minutes later, the match is finally over with specimen B victorious over specimen A with a small package. The ring announcer do his jobs and announce the winner to the audience, while the audience throws empty soda cups to the ring as a sign of boringness. Two minutes later after that match, the lights of the arena shut down. The audience goes wild and starts screaming and chanting. Suddenly, a lightning strikes right in front of the GWF-Tron and a blue light starts flashing. We start hearing an instrumental variation to Fiona Apple's latest hit: Fast As You Cant. ~ ]

[ ~ The name of Achilles Abas appears in the Tron, with images of his successful career in the GWF behind the name. Images like a Cyrix VanGore trapped in the Achilles' Heel are shown. The Television Champion appears from the curtain and stares to his Kingdome. Achilles isn't wearing his TV Belt because as you know by now, Genecide copycat Achilles' idea of stealing it. As we zoom in our perspective, we see a smile in Achilles' face. He starts walking down the aile to the square ring, and a chant starts to take momentum, saying ... ~ ]


[ ~ Achilles walks up the steel stairs and enters the square ring. He walks around in ratio, admiring the Empire he has constructed. An empire that is fortifying with every breath Genecide's takes. A female handles Achilles a microphone, and he waits for silence. Ten minutes later, Achilles speaks ... ~ ]

"Finally, the Champ has officially arrived. As you all know, I'm your Television Champion, Achilles Abas and for the next years, I'll be the only Television Champion this organization will ever have. Why? Because it just took me seven days to build this Empire. Irony? Simile? Analogy? Hell yeah! Seven, my lucky number. God spent seven days designing what we call Earth and he dint failed as a designer. The ones who failed were people like Genecide, who thinks that they are gods in their own private world and they don't realize that they are a just a very small portion of this planet. With people with higher levels of education than he has. With people more prepared for life than he is. People like Genecide makes this place a shitty place to be, and in the whole I include the GWF. People like Genecide disgraces so many talented performers of the past like Achilles Abas, great talent of the present like myself of course, and the futures stars of this business like I will be. We all know that Genecide is a clueless competitor, he shows it to our world every time he comes to air. But this Sunday night, I will sacrifice my persona and I will gonna prove Genecide wrong of his mentality of greatness. And he will flunk once and for all. And the empire will have his hero back: Achilles Abas, the TV Champ"

[ ~ The audience starts to chant the TV Champ's name ... ~ ]

"Thank you, you are all very kind. Thank you, you are all making me blush. Ha! Ha! Ha! So, as I was saying, for me to raise to the top of the GWF world it just took me seven days. Just like God. In summery, I'm the god of this universe you like to call Global Wrestling Federation. Of course, you are wondering why I am the self proclaimed god of this universe, when I'm just holding a Television Championship Belt and Title. Well, let's analyze: the most influencial gizmo that we have right now is televised media. Holding the TV title grants me the opportunity to speak my mind out and shear my knowledge with people like Genecide. Therefore, holding a TV title is more influencial than holding a World Title because after all, I am television. And is more important to be in television than just to be hanging around in the world. Don't you think?"

"Of course, we all know that I'm not a pretty name, I'm pure reputation. My reputation back ups the legendary status I am right now. My reputation was validated when I destroyed Thatcher and when I destroyed VanDuh, and I will validate my reputation this Sunday night at Dead Zone when I cripple the life out of Genecide. And I'll keep on validating it with the same destructive attitude in my up comming matches. Genecide will not be able to stop my train. In fact, as I'm imagining it, it will be me squashing the lights out of him. What else can you fine people expect from Achilles Abas this Sunday night. Expect the usual and a little more. Maybe that little more will be more craziness. More insanity. More violence. Yeah, more violence. What Genecide will feel in his flesh is total domination of Achilles Abas. Maybe he will learn to call people by their names when he start crying out loud like a fragile lady when my hands cracks his heel. When he says aloud: Achilles I surrender to your power. To your greatness. To your superiority. I can't handle this pain anymore, so leave me alone. Genecide will become the newest American Mockery. And as the true leader of this Empire, Genecide, everyone will laugh about you. Because what the leader does, masses follows."

"Imitation is the first and most obvious sign of admiration toward someone else. Alanis Morissette said it better: like anyone would be, I am flattered by your fascination with me Gene. But Gene, I will not gonna fool around in that ring, like you think I will. The reality is that, I'm going to that same ring to hunt, hurt and destroy you. Gene, you seem to be a tender flesh, people in Paradise X are dying from hunger! So, you will be a great appetizer for them. I'm not joking around kid, everything I have designed to occur, it happens. Including the massacre of the parents of my only nemesis: Eclipse. So kid, try to use your imagination and create something by yourself, don't wait for the ideas of others to come out so you can steal them and decorate it to your taste. But, if you want to be like Achilles Abas, something that we have seeing as of lately, you will get a taste of Achilles Abas at Dead Zone night."

"Genecide, from all the bullshit you talked about, just one line of that bullshit was correct: the end is near. But Gene, once again you failed when you pointed to the incorrect man. My end is not near. I'm a healthy man with a bright future in the horizon; your end is near Gene. In fact, is just three days away. If I were you, I should be nervous about stepping into the ring with the Master of Destruction, because every single wrestler who has wrestled me, or quitted the federation because I was to tough to handle, or aren't the same. Like Cyrix, who disappeared after I defeated him or like Thatcher who flew back to Californication after I defeated him. Kid, you sound too cocky because you think you are a cocky person in that fantasy you created named D-Ranged. You dream of that moment. You close your eyes and think that Achilles Abas faded away and that you are the new ruler of the GWF. Kid, that moment will never, and I mean ever, happen. I will screw you out of that dream of yours of been Champion and I will walk away from you as the TV Champion. Leaving you like a piece of shit like you really are."

"Genecide, Achilles Abas is no character and I'm no playing any role games. My job is to perform and outperform fellow wrestlers. Are you a character Genecide? As of lately, I think yeah, you are a character. You are not natural on those dead air segments of yours. How imbecile his is? Dosen't he know that he is that obvious. His crew is making such bad decisions. I wanted to wrestle him when I joined the GWF, he dint wanted or his crew din't wanted. Now, he is desperate to show that he is capable of being in the same ring with such a magnificent performer like me. How idiot is Gene, he's a shame to the wrestling organization. He should be burn alive after I transform him into a Crippled Soul."

"How hypocrite Gene is. I have done more in less time than he has done in his entire career. Who wants to be a Tag Team Champion? Tag Team Division right now in the GWF sucks! No one pays attention to it. I'm the man with the ratings. I'm the man behind the money. I am the real deal. Ha! Ha! Ha! He is a dreamer and I will wake him up. Reality is so cruel. I will treat him as cruel as reality can get. And I will walk away from this ring, the TV Champion. And as of right now, I don't care how many times he says the contrary. There is just one truth, Achilles Abas will reign supreme!"

"Uh-huh! here comes the kinky part. Ha! Ha! Ha! Genecide thinks that I am a child, and that my childish game will have no effect on him. He can call me a lier on live TV. He can call me an idiot on live TV. He can call me moron on live TV. Damn, he called me gay on live TV and, that should get me mad? No! On the contrary, he is bursting ratings in my favor 'cause when he said those type of comments, lier communities, idiotic communities, moronic communities and even the gay community will tune into GWF Television just to see who in hell is Achilles Abas. You see Genecide, the problem here is not my style, the problem here is your impotence as a wrestler. You have to go to those tactics because you don't have the slightest idea of how defeat Achilles Abas. Beside, those tactics are lame and stupid. Real wrestlers like myself don't do those kind of idiotic stuns to try to claim attention from the masses. All the attention I have been receiving from the fans you don't have is because of my raw talent. Because I show that talent on the ring every time I go there to perform. People buy tickets to see me bust someone one open, not to watch me dance and move my ass like Ricky Martin. If you want to se an ass shaking, go buy a Ricky Martin concert ticket. Genecide, you know deep inside your sould, you wanna be cold and cool just like me, but you aren't. You are just a kid with an aged face trying to be someone in this world. Damn! your life in this place ain't lucky, you just met the most demonic persona ever: Me. And its so sad, because I think, you have a future in wrestling business. Yeah, you have, like a janitor for the Booking Office!"

"Genecide, you are so scare of Achilles Abas. You pray every night to your fictitious lord that time goes by slowly because you don't want to get into the ring with Achilles Abas. But kid, your fictitious lord is a traitor and time is flying. I will tear you apart kid, like I'm used to do. You think I'm no super star material? Sure I'm not a super star because I am a mega star. You see Genecide, for every action you have, I have a reaction. That's a basic law of Physics. Don't you learn that in the university. Oh, let me guess, you are just sweet sixteen and you have never heard from people like Cervantes or Boccacio. Or maybe from people like Evelyn Laureano or Maria Isabel Velez. The point is kid, for everything you say, I will replay better. My experience will be one of my keys of success in this federation, and you will not gonna be the stone who will stop my path. In fact, you are just the grindstone I will use to polish my abilities further more. To that next level I don't have a name for it at the moment. You listen well, you will believe in Achilles Abas. You will believe in my blood. You will believe in my family. You will believe, point, period, whatever. You may touch my flesh, but you will never gonna scar it. You may punch my eyes, but you will never gonna make me blind. You may put me in the floor, but you will never gonna defeat me. You may copycat my signature move, but you will never gonna make me submit. Gene, time is flying and I will demonstrate to you that I'm no overnight sensation. I'm no rookie like you think I am. That's your second error entering my battle zone. Of course, the first one is thinking that you will become the TV Champion. I have my own game planned kid, and you are in it. And this story will have a happy ending with Achilles Abas victorious. Once again, like he used to be. Genecide, Gene, I have battle with bigger names than yours. And as soon I finish with you, you will go down in GWF history too, as the child with aged face who wanted to become a Champ and got knocked out in a glance by a real Champ. You don't scare me Genecide. Your childish game isn’t provoking on me any kind of stupid reactions like you want to provoke on me. So Gene, this Sunday at Dead Zone, I will be outrage and I will kill you. Trust me on this one, I will.

"Anything else I want to say? No, and if I have something else to say, don't you worry my Kingdome, I will walk down the aisle and say it. To end my transmission, people, let's say my catch phrase ... "

[ ~ People chants with Achilles Abas his catch phrase .... ~ ]

"Beware the man I am ... Fear the monster I will unleash ... "

[ ~ Achilles Abas throws the microphone to the audience while they start screaming out loud. He goes out of the ring and his music starts playing aloud through the speakers. He walks up the ramp and goes through the curtain, disappearing from our view. ~ ]

[ ~ I hope you have enjoyed Achilles' first in-ring apperance at Overload. I'll keep on speaking out the truth for my boss, your champ: Achilles Abas. That's all for now. Ciao! And yes Gene, you sucks! ~ ]

[ ~ Fin! ~ ]