[ ~ Begining of a backflash ~ ]

[ ~ Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! We did it! I mean, he did it! Achilles Abas went to Dead Zone the Pay-Per-View a couple of minutes ago as the GWF Television Champion and walked away the GWF Television Champion. And the most important aspect of his triumph: he proved once and for all to the asshole also known as Genecide that Achilles Abas is the true force in this promotion. And if he dosen't like this truth, then go sit on a volcano! I'm so happy. I'm so proud. I'm so excited for my boss, your champ Achilles Abas. His performance at Dead Zone was simply breath taking. I'm strongly considering leaving my job of storytelling to become Achilles Abas sidekick. Maybe together we could become Tag Team Champions! Together we will rule this world! We are already rulers of our empire. Our empire, I mean, his Empire. The Empire is going strong with every triumph and we are going all the way to the top of the world. Ah! Ah! We are going, shit! Achilles Abas is going all the way to the top of the universe! And if there is anything else biger than the universe, then Achilles Abas is going all the way to the top of that too! And that asshole of Genecide said that Achilles Abas was beatable! Ha! Ha! Ha! Defenitively, Genecide is an asshole. ~ ]

[ ~ Still on a backflash ~ ]

[ ~ A win is a win no matter how it was obtained. And Achilles Abas has just maintained his undefeated status in this corporation. The only one? I have to look around in the record books. Achilles Abas had this match on his pocket all the time until Genecide went desperate and slamed a chair into my boss, your champ Achilles Abas. See, he's an asshole! What happened Gene, your crew din't find a legal move to defeate Achilles Abas in the middle of the ring? I told you, he is the true definition of wrestling. Your move was stupid, brave but stupid. And for your stupidity, you will go down in the books of GWF history as another loser to Achilles Abas' force. Not only you are an asshole Gene, you are a L - O - S - E - R ! ~ ]

[ ~ The Narrator laughs out loud ~ ]

[ ~ Still on a a backflash ~ ]

[ ~ I always wanted to do that. You see Gene, you went through hell at Dead Zone and shit, I'm no happy with the end because I was cheering for your decapitation. But Achilles made an impact on you and probably you are still feeling the fury inyected into your flesh. Achilles Abas is the poison that will cause your death as a wrestler. Right now Gene, probably you are at the last position of the ladder of success while Achilles Abas probably catapulted himself to the main event status. He is that good, ah? And Genecide, I am that good too. You and I have a problem to settle and I hope that you answer my third and final challenge to a whatever the type match you want at the next Destruction. Destruction, what an irony! ~ ]

[ ~ The Narrator once again, laughs out loud ~ ]

[ ~ Still on a backflash ~ ]

[ ~ I love that line! Genecide, I'm may be just a voice without physical apperance, but if you accept my challenge, somehow I will be there and I will kick you aged ass. Don't run from the voice Genecide, because I will hunt you like Sam did to Carl and I will make you crazy. Trust me! So Gene, you and I at Destruction. In fact, you can put your Atlantis Title on the line, wait, there is no such title here. ~ ]

[ ~ The Narrator keeps on laughing ~ ]

[ ~ End of The Narrator's transmision ~ ]

[ ~ Reaching the middle of a backflash ~ ]

[ Scene Description: We see the GWF Television Champion Achilles Abas walking to his particular locker room at the arena where Dead Zone the Pay-Per-View has held. Achilles Abas' face is covered with blood, his own blood, because as we know by now Genecide slammed a chair into Abas' face, busting his forehead open. Achilles Abas right hand is comforting the left side of his rib cage because as we know by now Genecide also slammed a chair into Abas' rib cage. His GWF Television Championship Belt is laying over his shoulders. As Achilles walks down to his particular locker room, GWF mid card performers are somehow admiring the allmight champion, whispering about his brutal match and how they will do anything, anything, to be in the ring with such a wrestler like the living legend is. Achilles Abas stops walking. In front of him there's a blue door with his name on it. Achilles looks around and opens the door, stepping into his own private space. As he enters his own private space, he slam the door back. Achilles Abas throws his belt into the floor and throws himself into an orange couch. Achilles grins and starts laughing aloud. A couple of minutes later, the room whent to silence. Achilles then says ... ]

[ ~ Moreless on the middle of a backflash ~ ]

"Genecide is such a son of a whore. But his brave act at the end of the battle, cost him the title he wants the more and I won the war and that's what's important. Yeah, yeah, yeah, he slammed a chair into my rip cage but who cares about pain, I'm still the god damn Television Champion and Genecide is at the bottom of the ladder of success in the GWF."

[ Achilles Abas' hand goes to his sore rib cage and starts caressing it looking for some comfort or brief healing. Once again, Achilles grins and starts laughing aloud. He rolls out of the couch he was laying on and crawls to the mirror. In front of the mirror, Achilles Abas sits like an indian and take a good look at his face. His red face, covered with blood. Blood, a makeup that simbolize his strength as a man, his power as a wrestler, his comitment with his abilities, his all life. With his fingers, Achilles "paints" a fake smile in his smile and dots all over. Achilles once again laughs ... ]

[ ~ Still moreless on the middle of a backflash ~ ]

"Now that Genecide is part of my history book, all my energy must move one to the next wannabe star. Tonight I witnessed a new force who will try to my crumble my reign into small fragments. An ordinary and conventional buffoon of the commedia dell'arte, traditionally wrestling with a mask and in parti-colored tights. A clown who goes by the name of Harlequin. We are many nights away from our encounter but I do know by now that, the clown who goes by the name of Harlequin is parying with all his hypocrite heart to his hypocrite Lord that stupid prayer that goes like this ... Oh Lord, as I stumble through this wrestling life, help me create more laughter than tears, dispense more happiness than gloom, spread more cheer than despair. Lord, let me grow so big that I will fail to see the wonder in the eyes of a child or the twinkle in the eyes of the aged. Never let me forget that more than a wrestler, I am a freaking clown. That my work is to get pinned by Achilles Abas, make him and his people happy, make him and his people laugh. And Lord, in my final moment, in that moment that will come sooner or later, when I'll be trapped in the Achilles' Heel, may I hear you whisper: When you made the People of Abas Empire smile, you made ME smile."

[ ~ At the middle of the backflash ~ ]

[ Achilles Abas goes serious by a moment. With his right hand, he scrubs all the blood from his face to reveal the real deal of wrestling in front of him. The true force of this wrestling promotion that sooner or later, every one in the roster will respect. Achilles Abas did it in the old days of the GWF, and he did it again in this new version of the GWF. Achilles smiles. Suddenly, his smiles disappeares because a very intense, loud sound is hear in his private space. Is like someone is trying to open the locked door of the particular locker room of Achilles Abas. Achilles rappidly goes to his feet and as soon he reaches the door, the doors opens abruptly and wham, a forceful resounding blow hits Achilles Abas in the face, again. Achilles, knocked out by the blow, falls into the floor. We zoom our view to see who assault the GWF Television Champion and damn! those assholes again! A chair falls into the floor and one of two men dressed in black starts kicking in the same rib cage area were Genecide slight injured moments ago. The man kicking Abas stars laughing, his laugh is kinda particular, anoying, irritating kind of laugh. The other man grabs the GWF Television Title that was near the motionless Abas and starts slamming it into Abas face, busting him open once again. The man who is kicking said to the other to check out the hall for witnesses and the man with the belt says: cost clear. He throws the TV title to a sort of dinning table and with the help of his partner, lift the motionless body of Abas and walk away with him. ]

[ This scene from Dead Zone, the Pay-Per-View fades to red ... bloody red ]

[ ~ At the climax of the backflash ~ ]

[ ~ Beginning of The Narrator's transmission ~ ]

[ ~ YOU! YOU! YOU! YOU SON A BITCH! Why in hell you are back in our lives! Achilles Abas did the work promissed and made the genocide in the middle of the ring. What else you want from the allmighty Champion, ah? Leave us alone! He did it once at the old vision and version of the GWF, and yeah, he did it again in this one. So get out of our fucking live you, you, you asshole! You will pay kid, you will pay! Where in hell is Achilles Abas, where is my boss, your champ, your saviour. Where is him! You kidnapped him! And you call Abas a thief! Bring back the greatest performer ever in this god damn company! Don't make me go after you myself aged kid because then, You will have to hear the Voice! ~ ]

[ ~ End of The Narrator's transmission ~ ]

[ Scene description: two days have passed by now and there is no word of the GWF Television Champion Achilles Abas. The news of Achilles Abas disapperances flew over the internet and many reporters are trying to cover the shocking news ... ]

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen, this is Jack Twain with a news flash: Global Wrestling Federation star Achilles Abas who is currently the promotion's Television Champion is missing. The last appearance of the Television Champion was at the Global Wrestling Federation's Pay-Per-View show entitled "Dead Zone" were he feud with archrival Genecide. Investigations are taking place and evidence showed that Mr. Abas never arrived to his New York mansion because laying over a table in his locker room, Police found his Television Championship Belt, covered with blood. Speculations of kidnapping are flying through various wrestling internet sites. Many people are pointing out archrival Genecide as the mastermind behind Mr. Abas disapperance. We failed to communicate with any GWF official. We will keep you update on this shocking news. I'm Jack Twain, good evening."

[ A week passed now and Achilles Abas is still disappeared. Destruction took placed and Achilles Abas was a no show. The rumor about Genecide being the mastermind behind Abas' disapperance went stronger when, in live TV, both commentators talked about it. But still, if Genecide in fact was and it is the mastermind, he is still free in the community. Achilles Abas retained his Television Belt and Title and that action provoked anger and resentment to Abas and to the Booking and Presidential offices when Harlequin, enfuriated with the decision, stated in live TV the following: ]

"Okay, I know that I didn't exactly overwhelm with the training for the TV title match, but its very hard to train with the other person doing nothing at all, hard to train for a match based on nothing and hard to bother training when you know that you have to have done enough to have won, which I did. That said, I thought that when a title holder is unable or unwilling to defend a title he loses it, that is the traditional ruling. But ignoring all that, taking it as given, I came to this fed because James asked me to, and I've not been booked in one decent match, I take this one, I win the TV title shot, I think I beat the champ, for whatever reason and now I'm not even booked in either of the following cards? I can take not winning the title, but why am I not even booked against someone, why have I not been booked against anyone who has bothered to train, and why when I earn a title shot and the other man doesn't bother to show I don't walk away with the TV title. James, I came here because you asked me to, if you don't want me here, I do have other things to do, you can just tell me and I'll leave."

[ ~ The Narrator interrumps ~ ]

[ ~ Is the Harlequin stupid or what? Achilles Abas is disappeared! Therefore, he wasn't able to be at Overload to fight you and scrub that stupid makeup from your face! Damn, thanks god he was set in fire by a psycho! ~ ]

[ ~ Are we still on the climax? ~ ]

"Out of the crowd, a masked man with a shirt saying, "the Voice will be heard" comes over the ramp, and slides in, behind the dancing Harlequin. He has a pipe in his hand, and proceeds to beat down Harlequin. The fans boo and hiss at this, as he continues the beating. Brian says: The winner of this match-up, due to No Show...Harlequin! But Still GWF Television Champion!!! Achilles Abas! The Masked man then produces a can of stuff and pours it on Harlequin and lights a match and drops it and Harlequin catches on fire!"

[ ~ My boss, your champ Achilles Abas is still disappeared! Please bring him back! You now that you will never, ever, gonna be like Achilles Abas so, I'm begin you, brinck back the main eventer, the showstopper, the real deal, the god of wrestling, the hole enchilada, the big kahuna, the academy award winner Achilles Abas back to the GWF rings! He has a match tomorrow night at Overload agaisnt the man formally known as Derek Draven, I think, now know just as Draven. And knowing my boss, your champ, even without training in a week because that asshole has him kidnapped, he probably will walk to the ring and destroy that kido in a glance. Draven, you aren't as sadistic as Achilles Abas. Draven, you aren't as dangereous as Achliles Abas. Draven, the feeling down your spine of becoming GWF Television Champion will remain that: a feeling down your spine because my boss, your champ will not be able to be there at Overload because he is kidnapped by that asshole of you know who. And if Achilles Abas do appears at Overload, he will put you in fire and you will remain in the elite group of wannabe stars dreaming of becoming World Champions. No one can pass through Achilles Abas. He is the the filter the GWF is using to divide the boys like you, from the gods like my boss, your champ Achilles Abas. JT "The Broken One" failed to filter. Cyrix "The Feared One" failed to filter. Genecide "The Asshole" failed to filter and Harlequin "The Idiot that dosen't know what kidnapping means" failed also, in a way. So Draven, don't you see the tendency? Probably you will fail to filter by the power of Achilles Abas. If only Achilles Abas reappears tomorrow night at Overload so you can experiment what I'm talking about. Nobody can't with the fury of the champion. That's why he is the most important champion of this company. He is the one with the ratings. He is the one with the money. You Draven, you are just a dead air piece of shit that dosen't beling to the elite group of Achilles Abas' Empire. And Draven, you will reconsider that line of yours of "it dosen't matter" because for you, it matters. Is the first time you are booked against such a magnificent performer. Its your opportunity to shine like a new penny. Its your opportunity to gain some raiting. Its your opportunity to gain some momentum. Its your opportunity to fight for a real title. But Draven, I know Achilles Abas dosen't have respect for you because after all, you are just a rookie wannabe star with high hopes and dreams. And you aren't doing nothing at all to fulfill that dream. A name change ain't gonna help you and kido, don't even bother comming to Overload because my boss, your champ is kidnapped and no one, not even me, his best damn friend, knows where is he! ~ ]

[ ~ Desperate man do desperate things, that's true. Genecide "The Asshole" (you son of a whore! liberate Achilles Abas once and for all!) proved that line better. In a situation where he wasn't able to handle the pressure of being in the ring with my boss, your champ Achilles Abas, knocked him out with a chair and remained a stupid freak without a title. You will desperate Draven tomorrow night if you decide to show up at Overload and I garantee you that. But, since Achilles Abas is such a lucky son of a bitch, a psycho will enter the ring, beat you like the piece of shit you are and set you in fire. Just like that pscyho did to the Harlequin. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Harlequin a la BBQ! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Harelquin a la BBQ! Ha! Ha! Ha! ~ ]

[ ~ I think the backflash is over, thank God because I'm tierd of speaking! ~ ]

[ ~ End of The Narrator's transmission ~ ]

[ Finally, Fin! ]