Achilles Abas: The Exterminating Angel

[ I'm doing this tonight, you're probably gonna start a fight I know this can't be right hey baby come on, oh, hi there! are you bored as I am? Yes kid, I am bored. You know why? because that asshole, can I say asshole in the GWF, he! he! he! that "can I say a word in the GWF" is one of my favorites quotes from my boss, your future reality, and soon to be, Television Champion Achilles Abas. Sorry Achilles! Anyway, as I was saying, I'm bored because that asshole of Genecide dint accept the challenge of my boss, your future reality, and soon to be, Television Champion Achilles Abas. Instead, he went and challenges The Jackal for the US Title. Is he an ignorant? Genecide must defend his Belt and Title in each and every single GWF televised program, which’s why he is the TV Champ. Achilles is a great challenge for him, I don't think The Jackal is a good challenge for him, but he isn’t my boss or my friend either. And I know, Achilles is furious about this! Genecide is like, like preparing his own death sentience with his ignoring attitude towards Achilles' challenge. What does he want? A gimmick match? Achilles is the show stopper and I'm more than sure that he will put into a pink trunk with flowers on it just to be able to get into Genecide's flesh. Well, Achilles will not do that, but Genecide is such an asshole ... ~ ]

[ ~ Do you even care where we are located tonight? I don't! So, if it makes you happy, its about 9:00 PM and we are somewhere in Abas Empire, there. ~ ]

[ ~ End of The Narrator's Transmission ~ ]

[ Scene Description: Achilles Abas is still in his Dallas' hotel room. Achilles Abas is wearing a basic white T-shirt with black shorts. Achilles Abas is laying on the bed, looking to the ceiling talking to himself ... ]

"I don't get it. Everyone gets it, but not him. Is he deaf? Is he blind? Doesn’t he know how many wrestling legends will do anything, and I mean anything, to be in the same ring with the one and only Achilles Abas. And this jerk is ignoring my challenge! No one ignores Achilles Abas; no one! If he is thinking that his peek - a - boo game will make him the better man between us, ah-ah, he is wrong. I'm not saying he will disappear from the GWF, right now, but Genecide just have won a magic ticket to Cripple Town. Genecide will join such crippled performers as Eclipse, my favorite crippled soul, El Phantasmo, Thriller, Chris Westaway, Snake and Mr. Intensity, Abel. Those were great champions! and all wanted to be in the same square ring with me. Well, about being great champions, at least Eclipse, Phantasmo Thriller and Westaway were, the rest were just performers hanging by the absence of a true contendership. I know by now that Genecide is trying to hang on to the momentum of his triumph over Jesse Briggs to hold on a little bit longer to a reign he doesn’t deserve. I do deserve it and I haven't even perform yet. Its not because I said so, its because it’s a reality: Genecide doesn’t stand a chance against me."

"Why he is challenging The Jackal? Is he easier to defeat than moi? I think so. Why Genecide, why? well, here's your answer: you want to keep on masturbating with your TV Title, oh, I think I have said this line before, anyway, and you want now to jerk with another title because, you just want to. Hey, that macho attitude doesn’t impress me because at this town, I'm Macho Uno."

"If facing The Jackal makes you happy, then, I will challenge you, once again, for your Television Championship Belt and Title and I will challenge The Jackal for his United States Championship Belt and Title also. Let’s have a tri way, elimination match then! That's sound like a great idea, man, I'm the greatest. Genecide, this is a great idea because, at the end of the dance, one man's hand will be raised in the air as the brand new Television Champion and brand new United States Champion, none other than, AA."

"Genecide, AA stands for Abnormally Awesome. And I am truly awesome at this game. Do you accept my new challenge? Is that impressive enough? Look kid, I am Achilles Abas and I don't have the necessity to challenge people to a fight, I just go and fight. But, I am being polite, don't bring the monster out yet, you will be scared. I tell you, you will be scared. I just hope The Jackal has the guts to accept this, this, he! he! he! humble challenge. Its very easy, if I pin the TV Champ, Genecide is out of competition and I become the TV Champ, then, if I pin The Jackal, I become the US Champ also. The same goes to The Jackal, if he pins Genecide, he becomes the new TV Champ and if he is lucky enough to pin me, that's utopic, then, he will retain his US Title. Of course, I'm cheering for the first alternative, the AA alternative."

"But, like always there is a but somewhere stopping my planning and scheduling, I have to face the mid - card performer JT Thatcher also known as The Breaker. My first question is, what does he breaks? necks when he performs his lame chokeslam? or his brains when he connects his lame spear? or even better, condoms while having sex? If there is anything I have to say about breaking thing is, I am the master at that also! In fact JT, I have to phone Chris Westaway and prepare another black tie affair so Chris can expalin a little bit of the most electrifying, can I say electrifying in the GWF? ha! ha! ha! move ever created: The Achilles' Heel. Probably you don't know that JT, but Chris was the first crippled soul of Crippled Town, I broke his ankle because he refused to say "Achilles, you are better than I am and for you, I surrender". Are you going in the same direction, JT? I know you can care less about it because of that hating attitude of yours but, like I was saying, there is a but somewhere, you will be cracked if necessary because you are in the middle of my way to stardom. Hey Genecide, that's another proof of my power, I will Break the Breaker ha! ha! ha!"

"Tathcher, the high flying extremist kinda guy, don't you know that large people like you can't fly. Or at least, pilot! I remember Colt Dawson falling from the walls of that jailed island I don't remember the name, into the ocean. And Dawson was a 7 feet monster. He never learned to fly after that incident. Probably your flying lessons and experience are in remote control aircraft flying. Bring your Boogaloo's friends to Destruction; you will need their moral support because after the beating you will recieve, D-Man and T-Code must shake their assess so you can feel happy and in home."

"Destruction, what an irony!"

"JT, not even your clowned face from the No Strings Attached CD will impress me. In fact, you will impress with the teaching I will give you. What a pitty, with such a good professor like I am, you will never, and I mean never, will gonna apply those techniques and principles I will teach you in the middle of the ring because JT, The Broken One, you will be the first courageous fool to be cracked by the legend of Achilles Abas."

[ ~ S - T - A - T - I - C ~ ]