Achilles Abas: The Exterminating Angel

[ ~ Hi there! Let me tell you this, this is a boring, boring, boring night at Abas Empire. First, that asshole of Genecide skipped Achilles Abas' TV Title Challenge because he is a "rookie in this league" like if, he is a big shot. Probably the only thing big in that stupid carcass is his name. Then, Achilles Abas is booked to perform against JT Thatcher, The Broken One, and now, he is traveling to California because there's a huge rumor going around that the water of the Pacific is warmer than the water of Antarctica. I'm bored, Achilles is furious! Furious because now, my boss and your future reality probably will be left in the backstage doing nothing and all of his zillions fans will be disappointed, once again. Achilles doesn’t need to feud with JT, he already named him "The Broken One", Achilles wants to make the statement clear, he is the future of this organization and in order to achieve such standard, he needs to fight and destroy the so called "superstars" from the GWF. The "genecide" is coming, just wait and see. Oh, I have work to do ... nah, just imagine we are somewhere in Abas Empire, with JT at California and Genecide jerking at the bathroom, Achilles and I don't care about locations ... ~ ]

[ Achilles Abas is still at his hotel room in Dallas, Texas. Achilles Abas is lying on the bed, wearing basic white T-shirt and blue shorts. Achilles Abas is singing "Californication" from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. ]

"JT called to a psychic line
looking for Abas' defection
he found out that Achilles Abas has great reputation
so he went out, crying out loud, to Californication."

"Abas is at the edge of the world and ruler of all civilizations
JT confirmed that he can't compete with such amount of pressure
so he flew out to rest in peace at Hollywood location
hey, at Californication"

"Pay your surgeon very well
and break the spell of aging
Abas probably will knock your teeth
and that's why you are escaping"

"First born unicorn, Hard core soft porn. JT went to Californication. JT went to Californication."

"World Champion may be his final frontier
but JT is in a Hollywood basement
hiding form the real deal
Achilles Abas the master of wrestling
and he will remain the king not even JT at Californication."

[ ~ Achilles laughs out loud. The scene then goes to static ~ ]