Achilles Abas: The Exterminating Angel

[ ~ It's a beautiful day at Abas Empire! The sun shines while the moon steals its light; the water sparkles while being contaminated; the flowers smells while being ate by animals; and my boss, your future reality, Achilles Abas debuted with an impressive triumph over JT "The Broken One" Tathcher at Destruction. I'm so proud of my boss! I even cried! he! he! he! ~ ]

[ ~ Are you as excited as I am with the performance of Achilles last night at Destruction? Damn, I am! Achilles looked magnificent in the square ring, battling his official opponent, The Broken One, but TEG Lawrence Stanley and Eric Lansheer at the same time also. Achilles is superb! He is indeed the true warrior of this organization. And now, he is recognized by the booking office with a Television Championship Title Shot at the next Destruction card. Achilles will be known as Mr. Destruction he! he! he! Today its a happy day and because of it, I feel like to inform you where my boss, your champ, oops, your future reality Achilles Abas is. ~ ]

[ ~ Picture this: its Monday, June 11, 2001, about 8:00 PM and Destruction its over about two days ago! The scene clears up and at the distance we see, apparently we see the elegant Eiffel Tower of Paris, or it is the Tower of Pisa at Pisa? No, no, no, it’s the Empire State Building of NY, or are the Twin Towers of NY also? Maybe it’s the Christopher Columbus Statue at Cataño, or well, whatever. Our sight moves swiftly through the unknown space, which it’s filled with flashy cars speeding along the street. Noise is everywhere. As our sight zooms in, we catch Achilles Abas speeding in his red Viper, singing a long to Fiona Apple’s Criminal … ~ ]

"I’ve been a bad, bad boy. I was careless with a delicate man. And it’s a sad, sad world, when Achilles Abas breaks a boy just because he can. Don’t you tell me to deny it. I’m strong and you will suffer for my sins. You came to them because you need guidance to be true, and I just kicked your ass; What you need it’s a good defense ‘cause I’m Achilles Abas, the Criminal. And I will kick your ass again, because I’m master at this world. Heaven help me for theway I am. Save all those jobbers from these evil deeds before I kill’em all. I know tomorrow I’ll be World Champ, but I’ll keep on kicking ass till that day come."

[ ~ At the passenger seat we see the GWF Television Heavyweight Championship Belt along with the Xtream Tag Team Championship Belts. The three belts are covered by blood; Achilles’ blood (probably). Achilles changes the track because he hates “Slow like honey”. He keeps on changing tracks till “Sleep to Dream” starts playing. Achilles’ car stops because of the red light. He laughs out loud, tangling with Fiona’s voice. Achilles looks to his right and passes his right hand through his brand new possessions: the GWF TV and Xtream Tag Team belts. Green light again; Achilles starts speeding up and starts talking to himself … ~ ]

"Destruction, what a beginning! What a thrill! What an excitement! What an orgasm! It wasn’t better than sex, but damn, it was closed. Six man were scarified in order to construct on solid ground what it will be the greatest empire of all time in the GWF history: The Abas Empire. The Broken One ended just like his name: broken and The Foundation was dismantled. No foundation is greater than Achilles Abas, not even God’s creation is greater than Achilles Abas. JT, the warm water of the Pacific will help you heal my fury, which it was injected with every single punch or slam I gave to your flesh. It will hurt, because of the salty water, but hey, you are a tough man. Well, that’s what you say. Tough man! Bah! JT in the eyes of Achilles Abas and the rest of his Empire, you are just a pussy, and you will go down in memory lane as a pussy. Are you ready for your next role, pussy? Ha! Ha! Ha! How much it cost that pussy of yours? A cent? Five cents? Ten Cents? I know, there are a lot of sexually desperate males looking for a pussy like you to hook up and masturbate. That’s not a dream job, but kid, your job and expectations of being a wrestler are over. And I am the one who finished it. I’m so proud. Because of your pussy attitude, you entered “The Foundation”, another pussy stable with pussy ideals. What was your point? That joining a pussy stable, enough with the word Achilles! Because joining a stable you will have an extra advantage against me? Damn! You are stupid! Not even God can’t stop my fury JT! Not Even Lucifer himself! I came to the GWF to destroy wannabe stars like yourself, who dreams of becoming famous and winning titles. Have you ever won a title? Beside the pussy of the year award? Ha! Ha! Ha! You were safe back in your Hollywood basement at Californication, but ah, ah! You wanted to impress Achilles Abas and you failed. You failed the test of conquering the greatest warrior of all time: me, myself and Achilles Abas."

"In a quick message: TEG Stanley or like I prefer to call him, The E-stupid G-erk Stanley and Eric Lawrence; if you wanted me so bad to be part of your foundation, a simple line like: join us, we are the king of the worlds, ain’t sufficient to me. I am Achilles Abas damit, the greatest among the greatest! and such stupid lines doesn’t impress me at all. You want to impress Achilles Abas, go sit on a volcano! Then I will consider whipping your offer. Achilles Abas walks alone because I am sole master and ruler of my Empire. Don’t you get it? A – B –A – S – E – M – P – I – R – E stands for Abas Empire, and there is just one Abas in this federation, me! You slammed me with a chair, you cut my flesh but there will be no scars because I am protected against such assholes like both of you. I wonder what will happen to both of you. The last time I was slammed with a chair, the man who slammed ended injured for life. Poor Eclipse! I have to call him! I’m such a hypocrite. Nah, I’m just a great actor. TEG and Eric, open your eyes wide because someday, out of nowhere, your lights will be turned out for good."

"The genecide started!"

"Once again, I have to wait ‘till Destruction to step into the ring once again and perform just like Achilles Abas performs. This time, I got what I wanted, a title shot for this TV Title. I wonder if Genecide knows about it, because with the same fury I was knocked out by The Foundation, I knocked out Genecide and his two pals. Probably by this time of the night, he is still searching his locker room for this, his precious belt. Or trying to figure out where he left it. If it was at Hooters? or at Condom World? He will never know. Ha! Ha! Ha! Stealing Genecide’s TV Title is just a small percentage of my machiavellian imagination. I have done worst things in my life and career, like probably everyone knows by now at the GWF. Stealing Genecide’s TV Title is a statement. A statement of power and vision. Power because what I say, it happens. Everything that surrounds Achilles Abas is already planned by the master of designing: Achilles Abas. Of course, stealing Genecide's title was planned since the first day he decided to ignore my challenge. I hope he realize know that I am his challenge. Vision because what I see in my short future is a World Heavyweight Championship reign in this organization. JT was the first step of the ladder of success, and I squashed him. Genecide will be the grindstone I will use to polish my abilities further in this organization. Winning the TV Champion will throw my name into the main events figures status such as, and like, and also like, whatever. Genecide, this will be your last week as Television Champion, enjoy it because at Friday Destruction, you will experiment hell and I know, you are not prepared to walk over fire."

"Genecide, welcome to Abas World."

[ ~ Achilles laughs out loud while he parks his Viper. The scene fades out to darkness and suddenly, it turns static … ~ ]