Achilles Abas: The Exterminating Angel

[ ~ Oh Hello! Hello! what a surprise to see you again in Abas World. What can I do for you today, sir? Don't tell me that you want to apply for the job posted in The Abas Newspaper. Let me tell you, a lot of, damn, another word for jobber *thinking* mid card performers like yourself have come already, but, sign on this sheet of paper and leave your telephone number, with area code duh! and a brief statement explaining why you want the job as an entertainer at Abas Empire. Snake will be more than happy to see you shaking your ass in front of him; he is bored all the time; he is very difficult. You know, Snake was the typical gothic monster everyone feared because of his gothic attitude, but at the end, he finished just like the rest: crippled. Ha! Ha! Ha! I even remember his brutal match against my boss, your future reality and soon to be official TV Champion, Achilles Abas. It was a buried alive type of match and damn, it was impressive, the match and Achilles because Snake sucked. I don't know how he became World Champion. Probably I'll call him and ask him. Anyway, being an entertainer is a difficult task in the Empire, there is just one requirement: you have to be crippled; crippled by Abas. Oh, you aren't? Well, here's a secret: Achilles is planning to name Genecide the brand new entertainer of the Empire because at Destruction, Genecide will be crippled. Mark my words: Genecide will be crippled. I know, I know I'm just a voice, but mark it with neon colors: Genecide will be crippled. And that's a promise. ~ ]

[ ~ Picture this: it's Tuesday, June 12, 2001, eve of GWF's Overload. Our scene clears up from darkness to more darkness. This space is dead silent. Interesting, ah? Suddenly, this virgin, steady state is currupted with fragil sound and out of nowhere, a tiny flame sparkles. This surprising flare illuminates sufficient enough to see my boss, your future reality, and soon to be TV Champ, Achilles Abas kneel in front of an image, an image we can't see. Achilles Abas is wearing a black leather jacket, probably with matching panths, but I can't see. Achilles Abas starts whispering ... ~ ]

"In Achilles Abas I trusted my soul and I succeeded as a wrestler. In Achilles Abas I trusted my spirit and I succeeded as a wrestler. In Achilles Abas I trusted my talents and I succeeded as a wrestler. And in a week spam, at Destruction, I will trust again in my soul, my spirit and my talents in order to walk away from my Destruction's match the winner and brand new Television Champion. Destroying Genecide will be the first, second step of my ladder of success in the GWF. I will squash him like an annoying beetle he is."

[ ~ Achilles Abas smiles. His sight moves from the burning candle to the image we din't saw early in the night. It's Achilles Abas' image. The mirror reflects the demonic smile of the almighty warrior. Achilles keeps on whispering ... ~ ]

"How ignorant can be Genecide? Full Monty? Defenitively. Days have pass since the last GWF Destruction show and he can't belive that his belts are missing. That Achilles Abas has the three of them. Stealing his belts was an easy, boring task: keeping them to myself will be the fun part of it and Genecide will be furious with the fun part because, after all his efforts for becoming a Champion in this organization, a "rookie" came in and stole his show. First of all Genecide, I'm no rookie nor amature: my fortune is estimated in millions, and that's no lie. More than you will ever, ever gonna estimate. You did rejected my challenge and that's the truth. You rejected because you were scared to death to lose your brand new belt and title in your first title defence against a "rookie" in his first match in this promotion. And you are so scared now Genecide that I can smell it from a distance. And from a distance I also see that yellow stripe in your back. Rejecting Achilles Abas' challenge was a huge mistake, and you are paying it now with stuff you treasure. Stuff like ... "

[ ~ Achilles Abas moves both of his hands and reach to his weist and reveal that, he is wearing Genecide's TV Title ... ~ ]

" ... This Television Championship Belt that is tonight around my weist and not in yours. Achilles Abas dosen't have to prove anything to get what he wants, but since you insisted so much, that was my reaction to your request. Genecide, this Television Championship Belt will be around my weist for a long time so like N'SYNC says, tell it bye bye bye because at the end of our match, its gonna be me, the brand new TV Champ. Of course Genecide, I'm no fool, you will start talking about how stupid is to be TV Champ and how much do you deserve a better title to be on your side, but guess what, Destruction will be your final card as a wrestler, or at least as a performer because what is designed for you, will be hell. I already told you Genecide, you aren't capable to walk through fire, not even capable of flying through it so Achilles Abas will be the one to stop and cripple you for good. Many people will be happy to see you crippled, Sophia will have the necessity to seek for a more handsome man to escorte because you will be crippled and therefore, you will never, ever gonna perform, and your x-tream partner will go solo into the x-tream division. You aren't necessary here Genecide and like garbage, I will dispose you."

"Genecide, your assumptions dosen't impress me at all. What, I am your fantasy now? Dreaming that you will kill me in the middle of the ring in front of the zillions and zillions of Abas' fans is your must current and wet fantasy? Let me tell you this, Gene, I'm flatter with your facination with me but like Alanis said it best: You are uninvited. Gene, can I call you Gene? Sure I can! You will be taught a valuable lesson in wrestling Friday night. But, it will be so sad seeing you crippled in a corner because after the Achilles' Heel, what you learned in our combat, you will never gonna practice. No one has escape my paws, Gene, and I don't think you will be the first one."

"Everything in life Gene has a price. The price for the wrestling lesson you will learn at Destruction is this chunk of gold named TV Championship Belt and the mentatlity that I am currently a Title holder. Are you willing to pay the price of wrestling with the greatest among the greatest? tic - tac - tic -tac - tic - tac ... if you are a gutsy kind of guy, then I garantee you that we will see us in the middle of the ring Friday night. If you are just a kid, hanging by the moment, then kid my plans will change and Cyrix Van Don't Now His Name will be the lucky one to. Its easy, yes or yes, there is no other alternative Gene. And at Friday night you don't have any other choice either: Achilles Abas, brand new Television Champion of the Global Wrestling Federation. Damn! I'm already getting chills, are you getting chills Gene?"

"The genecide started. Beware of the man I am, fear the monster I will unleash."

[ ~ Achilles laughs out loud and blow the candle out to the return of darkness. The scene fades to ... S - T - A - T - I C- ~ ]