Achilles Abas: The Exterminating Angel

[ ~ Finally, today is Wednesday! and this mean Overload is comming "life" from an unkown location because really, I don't know where were the show taped. It's me again, The Narrator! Between you and me, there is a huge rumor flying through the internet that states that Genecide lost badly, and I mean badly to Cyrix VanGore, losing his TV title to the giant monster. Hey, that's just a rumor! I don't know if Achilles Abas had something to do with it. I hope so! I hope so because Genecide is such an asshole and people like him, make this place a shitty place to work at. Well, at least for Achilles Abas because he's the one working for the GWF. I work directly to him and living at Abas Empire is such a magnificent place to be and live. Well, like always, I have a work to do. Hey, what work?!?! don't be such an asshole too. My work is to inform you where is located my boss, your future reality and currently GWF TV title holder ha! ha! ha!, the one and only Achilles Abas. Oh well, we are somewhere in America because as I was telling you, I don't have a clue where the GWF taped his Overload show. ~ ]

[ ~ The scene fades in from darkness to reveal that Achilles Abas is standing in front of a mirror. Achilles Abas is wearing in his weist his, well, he! he! he!, his GWF TV Belt. Achilles is caressing it. Achilles is laughing. The reflection of the mirror shows that, both of the X-tream Tag Team Belts are laying on the bed. We also see that on the bed is laying the twisted chair that Achilles used to knock out Genecide a week ago. The belts and the chairs are still covered by blood. Achilles keeps on laughing. Suddenly, he jumps into the bed and grabs his, well, he! he! he!, his GWF X-tream tag team belts and lay them on his chest. Achilles speaks ... ~ ]

"Surrounded by gold. Achilles Abas is surrounded by gold! I am the luckiest man alive! In just one week performing at the GWF, I have under my name three chunks of gold and their owners can't do anything about it. Just cry about it and dream on how they will get them back. Achilles I have something to say to you: You are simply the greatest, among the greatest, performers of all time! I should get a nomination to the GWF Hall of Fame! Well knocked the hall of fame thing because, I'm already considered the "rookie of the year" and the "next star of the future" by my peers. And all this recognitions in just one week! Should I thank Genecide? Nah!"

"Genecide is such an ignorant fool. I'm no thief. I am a killer! And there is a huge difference between being a thief and being a killer. Dosen't he know about the Eclipse / Abas feud back in the old vision and version of the GWF? Dosen't he know that Achilles Abas imagined, designed, planned and executed the most machiavellian plan ever imagined, designed, planned and exectued in the old vision and version of the GWF? Genecide, don't make me do it all over again because apparently, you can't hear my message. Genecide, I am capable of everything! and in our match, if it ever happens, you will see and feel what I am capable of. He! He! He! I was in an asylum, never in a prison so Genecide, I can't talk with facts about virgin inmates in prisons. Are there enough virgin inmates in prisons? are you a virgin inmate? are you still a virgin Genecide? So old and virgin! If that rumors goes to the internet, damn! you will be the joke for centuries and centuries among wrestling fans and wrestling performers. Knowing you like I know you by now, you can't handle that type of pressure either. You see Gene, your facts are stupidiets in my world. Why can a "rookie" have a title shot in just his first match? I'm no "rookie" Gene, I have years of experience in the wrestling business. What happens is that you know that I am the superior force among us and you are just scared. By now everyone knows it. Gene, you are scared because you can't handle the pressure I'm injecting you. The pressure of fighting a "rookie". The pressure of knowing that the "rookie" is better than you in all wrestling aspects. The pressure of losing to a "rookie" the most important belt you have conquered. The pressure of saying, Achilles Abas, the "rookie of the year 2001" kicked my ass. If you were confident on your talent and abilities, then grant the shot and perform. But that wasn't the case. You cry and cry aloud. You rejected my challenge in national TV. That rejection under my eyes is a sign of not being confident on yourself. And knowing that is an advantage; and that advantage on my side will be the hint to your destruction!"

"Destruction, what an irony!"

"Genecide, I know I am your fantasy. You kill just to be like Achilles Abas. That dosen't impress me because, through the years a lot of wannabe stars like yourself has been admiring Achilles Abas. What is your problem? Your confidence level isn't high enough to admit you like pop music? You want a statement: Achilles Abas loves pop music! You can't do that Gene, you don't believe in your talent and abilities. In fact Gene, I have Britney Spear's e-mail and cell number. She's lovely! Do you want them? Ha! Ha! Ha!"

"Like my Junior High English Teacher said: "My goal in this life is to make you suffer". One of my many goals in this life is to make people like yourself, suffer. I enjoy seeing you doing your best effort to make a good impression, with pyro on promos and stuff, but lets get serious, at the end, you are just an "x" in a white square ha! ha! ha! An "x" in a white square!"

"Gene, if you were able to pass through Cyrix Van His Name is To Complex To Say, we will meet face to face in the middle of the ring for the match of your life for this TV belt and title that I am holding. And I garantee you, because I belive in what is Achilles Abas, that I will walk away the next GWF TV Champion. Televised media needs a hero and I am the one that will fill that need."

[ ~ Achilles rolls over from the bed. He grabs both X-tream tag team championship belts and put them over his shoulders. He also grabs the twisted chair. Achilles walks out of our view, just his demonic laugh is heared ... ~ ]