Achilles Abas: The Exterminating Angel

[ ~ It's a quarter from a brand new hour at Abas Empire, but still Thursday, June 14, 2001. The taped GWF Overload Spectacular was aired and the rumor became a fact: Cyrix VanGore defeated Genecide for the TV title. Change of plans in the master plan of Achilles Abas. As time goes bye, it's an hour less in the life of Achilles Abas' new opponent: VanGore. Why? because tomorrow night, Achilles Abas will be crippling the lights out of him in order to advance in the ladder of success in the GWF. It's me again, duh! Let’s continue. The scene fades in from darkness to reveal we are still in darkness. As we think our perspective is moving forward, looking for Mr. Abas, in reality, our perspective is just static. Static like Genecide after that choke slam to a chair. Suddenly, a small flame (once again) appears in the scene, illuminating the space. There we see our subject of interest, Mr. Abas, who is in the corner of the room. On the floor we see the GWF Television Championship Belt. As we watch Achilles one more time, he is all smiles. His peculiar laugh is heard. A few minutes later, the room fades to darkness and the voice of Achilles is heard ... ~ ]


[ ~ A few seconds later the space is once again illuminated by a small flame. The wax produced by the burning flame is dropping to the TV Title. Achilles then says ... ~ ]

"In Achilles Abas I trusted my soul and I succeeded as a wrestler. In Achilles Abas I trusted my spirit and I succeeded as a wrestler. In Achilles Abas I trusted my talents and I succeeded as a wrestler. And tomorrow night at Destruction, I will trust again in my soul, my spirit and my talents in order to walk away as the new GWF Television Champion. Destroying Genecide, I mean, Cyrix VanDuh will be the second step of the ladder of success in the GWF. And I will squash him, well, I will, I will, I will end his championship reign in a glance. Cyrix VanDuh will become the TV Champ with the shortest title reign ever and all because of me: Achilles Abas, the real deal and true warrior of the GWF."

"Well, whatever, never mind."

"I wonder where Cyrix bought that GWF TV Belt, because the real chunk of gold is with me since last Destruction. Did he buy it at Toys R US for a buck in blue light special? Wait, that's K-Mart! That belt he says he is carrying over his shoulder probably must be a foam kind of belt, painted with black spray. With plastic sprayed with gold paint simulating the golden plaque that identifies that belt as the Global Wrestling Federation Television Championship Belt. Is Cyrix an asshole? Is Cyrix stupid? Damn he is! He is both! and tons of other descriptive adjectives. How brave, in a sarcastic way, of him to appear in a "house show" with a foamy belt from Toys R US. Ha! Ha! Ha! And he calls himself a Champion. So Cyrix ask me this, everyone who buys a foam belt can be an instant champion, ah? I have a quick answer for that: NO! Just in your empty mind that situation can happen. Yes, you put Genecide through a chair and pin his stupid carcass but in reality, you are just an obstacle in my path to stardom in this federation. And because you are an obstacle, I have to get rid of you too. Tomorrow night I will, just wait and see. Cyrix, you don't have the time to prepare for an opponent like Achilles Abas. Why? Because you don't know nothing about Achilles Abas. Nothing at all! You will be, hmmmm surprise with my talents and wrestling abilities and at the end, you will be screaming aloud to the rest of the Empire how good I am and how you are quitting to my greatness. Then, officially, I will become the newest TV Champion of this organization. You Cyrix, will go down in memory lane as the TV Champion with the shortage title reign ever: just 2 days. That must be painful; being in the record books because of that "achievement", ha! ha! ha!"

"Cyrix, I don't have the time either to tell you how great I am, because talking about the great life of Achilles Abas can take me months, even years. We are just hours from our meeting, but on the other hand, I am ready for you. Why? Because I always kept an eye on both possible outcomes of that match you had with Genecide. Its a little bit disappointing because after all that trouble of knocking Genecide out in order to steals his belts so he can open his eyes and realize that Achilles Abas was his challenge, I got you. I'm not saying you are bad, but you are not I either. In fact, no one in this federation is like Achilles Abas. Many wants to, but they are afraid, like Genecide is, to admit I am the better wrestler in this company as of right now. Cyrix, I am ready and your massive body doesn’t impress me. I have fought bigger man than you have. Fatter man than you. And the outcome was the same: Achilles Abas triumphant. I don't think you will be the exception. I am confident in my abilities and that confidence will make me the better man tomorrow night at Destruction."

"Destruction, what an irony."

“But Cyrix, I do have the time to tell you this; when you powerbombed me through that table, catharsis came to me and I saw something. I dint see stars, like Rogger Rabbit, I saw you screaming your lungs out in front of Achilles Abas and the rest of the Empire because you were trapped in the most electrifying, can I say? Whatever, finishing move ever created: the Achilles’ Heel. No one has escape from it, no one. And I don’t think you will be the first one. In fact Cyrix, tomorrow night you will meet my best friend. He is a wrestler also, Hardcore Champ in the old vision and version of the GWF. He is not with me right now, he’s kind of shy, but this I promise you Cyrix, you will be face to face with him. Ha! Ha! Ha! Well, there is nothing else to say or to do. Cyrix, just wait and play the role my destiny has for you: the grindstone that will polish my abilities further and yada yada yada, you probably know that line, at least. You can’t do anything about it. Not even God himself can do something about it.”

“But, if you do want a happy ending tomorrow night, my first duty as new TV Champ will be the following: I do promise you Cyrix that your fat will be donated to the hungry people of the Empire.”

“Tomorrow night, Achilles Abas will become the GWF TV Champion and with that, a new challenge is in my bright future in the GWF. I don’t care what they say or who will be, but at the end of the path there is just one thing sure: Achilles Abas will become the next GWF World Heavyweight Champion. In this movie, I am the protagonist and antagonist. There is no more space, room or character lefts for you to be part of it.”

“Of course, after Cyrix there is Genecide. How lucky Gene was, his sacrifice was postponed a week later at the next Overload. Gene, you said something stupid, brave but stupid, that Achilles Abas is the queer of the year 2001. Gee Gene, I do consider myself different from you: I am a performer, you are not. In fact Gene, you want to know something? When you posted that rumor on the internet, zillions and zillions of “queers” from all around the world, including from the Empire, are turning into the GWF to see this “queer of the year 2001”. This represent an asset to the company because now, there is more rating, then, there is more money, then I get paid more because I am the responsible one of bringing more cash to the company. You see Gene, for everything you do, I react better. You can’t do nothing about it, I am better than you are and at Overload, I will show you why stealing your belt was so easy, because you don’t have the brains to outsmart someone as smart as Achilles Abas.”

“The genecide began, prepare for the monster of Achilles Abas to be shown.”

[ ~ S T A T I C ~ ]