Achilles Abas: The Exterminating Angel

[ ~ Well, well, well. What everyone was expected to happen last Friday night at Destruction, happened: Achilles Abas went through Cyrix VanGore to become the newest Television Champion of the Global Wrestling Federation Promotion. He said it best: Destruction, what an irony. Destruction indeed was for VanGore, who's stupid carcass was slammed into the cold, solid mat courtesy of an ironic trek by Mr. Abas. I can still remember the moment when Achilles' hand was raised as a sign of victory. From that moment on, Abas Era started in the GWF. I'm so proud of my boss, your champ: Achilles Abas. Our foundation, I mean, his foundation is being builded in solid ground and it will keep on building his legacy all the way to the top. And the top is World Championship recognition. I know, sooner or later, Achilles Abas, the "rookie sensation from the GWF" will achive it. It's a beautiful day at Abas Empire: students went home assignment free because of the triumph of Achilles. Crippled souls are reminding their encounters with the current GWF TV Champ. Spectacular matches like Achilles' triumph over El Phantasmo to become the youngest, and fastest wrestler in the old vision and version of the GWF to capture the World Title. Achilles' triumph over Eclipse in the most demonic and demented cage match ever seeing in the old vision and version of the GWF to capture his second reign as World Champion. Achilles' triumph over Snake in the most dark and gothic grave yard match ever televised in the old vision and version of the GWF to capture his third reign as World Champion. So many memories, so many to be created. One in particular is being created as of right now, and it involves my boss, your Champ Achilles Abas, and that stupid freak of Genecide. ~ ]

[ ~ I have a job to do, no matter the celebration at the Empire. We are a quarter from starting a brand new hour, but still, Monday, June 18, 2001 somewhere in Abas World. The scene fades in from darkness to reveal at the horizon nothing less than darkness. As our perspective moves swiftly through obscurity, images starts appearing beside us 'till we reach the end of the horizon. Impossible? Ha! Nothing is impossible in Abas World. The texture of the end of the horizon is a smooth surface. Nearby us there is a stair conducing to an unknown level for us. We reach it and walk it up. We open the closed door and we enter ... ~ ]

[ ~ The Narrator's transmission hits static ~ ]

[ ~ Scene Description: It's 8:41 PM from a Monday. June 18, 2001 to be more precise. We are standing at Achilles Abas' Mansion in Long Island, New York. We see Achilles Abas laying over the sofa. Achilles Abas is wearing classic white t-shirt with orange shorts. We rotate our perspective to see his officially, TV Title, but we can't see it. Achilles Abas seems disturbed. ~ ]

"He is a copycat! Genecide is a copycat son of a whore! This conduct I don't tolerate it. He will pay. Genecide will pay for being just like Achilles Abas!"

"I stole his TV belt a couple of weeks ago and Friday night, after I demolish "The Freak One" Cyrix VanGore, he and his jacking partner put me through a table and walk away, not only with the X-Tream titles that I stole from them first, but with my legally TV Title. I'm not upset because he stole my legal and official belt, I'm upset because Genecide is imitating Achilles Abas. Monkee see, monkee do? There is no room for two Abas in this promotion. I am the one and only Achilles Abas. Genecide, are you happy now? Are you happy because you were able to do to me what I did to you weeks later, ah? Damn Gene! you don't have any imagination at all. And above all, you are acting like you don't have a clue about what's going on between me and you. Don't you tell me that you are acting now, because that role of the stupid, the ignorant and the asshole ain't a role: they are your peculiar characterizations. Gene, as I told you, there is no room for two Abas in the GWF, and the one mimiquin will have to go out. What you did Gene last Friday night sparked my fury to a level I haven't experimented in a while and at Dead Zone the Pay-Per-View, you will feel my fury all over your flesh. And you said you don't want to be like me, ah? You copycat bastard! You hypocrite son of a bitch!"

"Relax Achilles, breath in, breath out, breath in, breath out. Probably this is all just a bad dream."

"Shit! I can't relax knowing that a mid card performer, with no wrestling abilities what so ever like Genecide is trying to be just like me. Like Achilles Abas: the greatest warrior of all time; the greatest wrestler of all time; the greatest among the greatest; the living legend of wrestling; the real deal of wrestling; the feared one of wrestling and the man who killed Eclipse's parents in Christmas Eve. Hey kid, I'm flattered with your fascination with me, but ah! ah! this show is mine and you are not gonna steal it completly. Dead Zone will mark your end Gene. I garantee you this: you will be the newest member of the Society of Crippled Souls at Abas Empire."

"With just two matches under my name in this promotion, my title defense is already one of the multiple main events of this upcoming PPV, ironically entitled Dead Zone. Is not because of you Gene, this title defense is one of the multiple main events because of me: Achilles Abas the GWF Television Champion. The greatest performer of all time. You, you are just a mid card performer with no aspirations whatsoever. Gene, I don't care about your achievements, you are just a mid card performer with no aspirations whatsoever. Gene, I don't care about your frustrations, you are just a mid card performer with no aspirations whatsoever. Gene, I don't care about your matches, you are a mid card performer with no aspirations whatsoever. Gene, I don't care about your fantasies of being Champion, you are just a mid card performer with no aspirations whatsoever. Don't you understand Genecide? I needed this belt to be known in the GWF as soon as possible. Your job in my world is done. Go back to your mid card status and face Kid Toledo or Super Daddy Bear for the Atlantis Championship Belt and Title. If you don't want to, go seat on a volcano! But, since you are the "number one contender for the Title I'm holding", the only thing I care about you Gene, is your Achilles Abas copycat attitude. Dead Zone will mark your end."

"Gene, not even copycatting Achilles Abas will put you on the lead in this race. You are not prepared for an opponent like me. As intelligent like me. As machiavellian like me. Your lack of confidence on the other hand, is my winning exacta, combined with your weakness as a performer. I think I already told you that. Gene, you are trying so bad, but at the end, you will be like the rest of the Society of Crippled Souls: crippled. My TV Title reign will endure a lifetime. If you don't understand the lifetime concept, that means: you will not gonna shake the foundations of my Empire at Dead Zone. You will not gonna scar my flesh no longer. You will not gonna put me over a table no more. You will not gonna walk away the two times TV Champion. What you will be at Dead Zone is: a crippled soul. Not even the giant asshole of Cyrix was able to break the most electryfing move in television and wrestlign: The Achilles' Heel. He fought and fought but he wasn't able. I heared him scream aloud my name. I heared him scream aloud all his pain. You will follow Gene, I promise you that, you will follow. Therefore, you will break that promise you made, I will walk away from Dead Zone the TV Champion. There is nothing I can do, just make your life a living hell."

[ ~ Achilles Abas' scene goes static ~ ]

[ ~ Fin ! ~ ]