[ ~ Hey Sports, welcome back to Abas World! How are you doing today? I'm glad you gave my boss, your TV Champ a second chance. Achilles Abas is a terrific athlete and he deserves the recognition Genecide is trying to destroy because of his repugnancy. I'm not quit good, not because my boss, your TV Champ, Achilles Abas isnít ready to decapitate that imbecile of Genecide, because I know Achilles Abas, and he is more than ready to destroy that asshole. Is because of the attitude Genecide has towards the greatest wrestler in the wrestling world: Achilles Abas, your TV Champ. And I'm sick of him! Sick of Genecide! You must be sick of Genecide too? Probably the only one he isnít sick of Genecide is Genecide. But, we all know that he can't be sick of himself because he has told us, with that inspiring *cough* and lovely *cough* poem that he is the brand new poet in our realm. Ha! Ha! Ha! What a freak! Genecide is a freak! But, aren't you sick of his arrogance? Aren't you sick of his immature? Aren't you sick of his ignorance? Aren't you? I am! And I know Achilles is! But the big difference between Achilles and you is that, Achilles will face him at Dead Zone the Pay-Per-View and he will do what ever he can to shut down that annoying pest named Genecide. Once again, Achilles Abas will be supreme and he will retain his GWF TV Belt and Title. Hey, you should join Achilles in his quest for the death of Genecide. I don't think Achilles wants to literary kill Genecide, because after all, he was in prison, I mean, in the assylum for the massacre he committed toward Jake "Eclipse" Riley, but, he will injure this brat so he can be out of wrestling for a long, long, long term. Achilles will bring tranquility to his Kingdome once again. ~ ]

[ ~ You want to know something? I may be just a voice with no physical attributes to you, but I'm not. I studied Engineering, just like Achilles Abas, with a concentration in Industrialism and Human Resources, and I have found, while doing a little research in Genecide while I'm on break, that every time Achilles Abas says something terrible about Genecide, he goes back in time so his future looks like Achilles Abas want it to be. Yeah, he is. I'm more than sure that Genecide admires Achilles Abas, because he is trying so hard to be just like he is. Pyros on his promos. Visual effects on his promos. Sound effects on his promos. A more mature, but, childish attitude in his promos. There is just one Achilles Abas, and that's my boss and that's your TV Champion. Not even Achilles' brothers are as great as Achilles is! When Achilles enters that square ring to fight with Genecide at Dead Zone, Genecide will notice that he is still, the same impotent guy who lost to Cyrix VanGore. So, that's bring me to the conclusion of Genecide been helped out to try to screw Achilles Abas out from his TV Title Belt. And I don't doubt it! I think he is behind some plan to screw our TV Champ. His tendency was, and corrects me if I'm wrong (probably not): low budget airtimes with out coherence or purposes in his dialogues. A complete waste of time and money for the GWF company. Now, since he is facing Achilles Abas, at least his last two televised performances were high budget airtime with a lot of graphic shots of his suddenly rich life. But still, the same incoherent dialogues without any meaning. Just answering back to Achilles' vision. Does Genecide thinks that he will pin Achilles Abas because he has a crew behind him? Why are they trying to make him a superstar? When he isn't close to be a good mid card performer. Genecide may impress rookie wrestlers that haven't been awarded the opportunity of airtime, and a few people of the mass. But Genecide isn't fooling Achilles. Genecide is wasting money and especially: air time, because he is still, the same kid who lost to Cyrix VanGore. Right now, Genecide is decorated with pyro and cool visual effects, and that isn't enough to defeat Achilles Abas. If Genecide thinks that the wrestling business is a show, well I suggest to him to go to a circus so he can bring laughter to kids who goes to the circus to laugh out loud from the clowns. Genecide right now, is a clown. Hey, Genecide can work for free at Abas Empire! But I know my boss, your TV Champ will erase that makeup from his face and he will be unmasked in front of the world. The world will start to laugh so loud as soon Achilles starts to laugh, because the world respects and follows Achilles Abas. All Genecide's followers, if he has, will disappear because they will be ashamed of their so-called leader. A leader with no consistency in life. Yeah, Genecide is an inconsistent soul. I don't buy his authenticy as a performer. He is just desperate. Desperate to prove he is a wrestler. Desperate to prove he is something more than a wrestler. Desperate to prove his gimmick is a commercially gimmick. But in summery, Genecide sucks at this of wrestling. Ha! Ha! Ha! I'm sorry, are you bored with all this Genecide talking? Well, I'm feeling almost good now. I needed to talk to someone about that infantile soul who will be obligated to retrocede to his fetal status as soon Achilles puts him in the Heel. And I just hope, that Genecide will reincarnates in a flower or something like that. ~ ]

[ ~ As I love talking to you about that freak, I have a job to do. Picture this: It's Tuesday, June 19, 2001. Fourteen years ago my best friend got married to this stunning girl named Aby. Now they are divorced. Achilles' scene fades from nothing to reveal the New York skyline at the horizon. As our perspective pans around, we see the different landmarks as the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, the Twin Towers, and the Brooklyn Bridge. Suddenly, our scene goes static. We are right in front of an apartment complex. Once again, our perspective goes dynamic and we enter to the lobby of the building. There we see people walking by, a guard flirting with the cleaning lady, and Achilles Abas waiting for the elevator. He is wearing a white T-shirt and jeans. Achilles is caring a bag. What's in it, I don't know. Let's zoom our view to try to figure it out. Shit! I can't see what's in that bag. A sound is heard and the wall cracks in two, a person walks out of the space and we enter with our TV Champion to it. Achilles pushes the penthouse button and the walls once again glue themselves and the space moves up. Achilles starts to whistle and a few seconds later, a sound is heard and the doors of the elevator opens. We walk out of the space to see Achilles' penthouse. We already have been here. Don't you remember? On the walls of the hall we see pictures of Achilles Abas' titanic triumphs. Shit, where is he. The sound of a door closing is heard at a distance and we move swiftly in order to enter Achilles' house. He almost closed the door in front of our face. We are now in Achilles' living room. He places the key in a table and throws the bag to the floor. He walks to the kitchen, opening the fridge and takes out the milk container. He turns around and pick up a glass and he serves his milk. Achilles seems to be disgusted. He walks out of the kitchen and zips a little bit of milk and grabs the bag. He sits down in the floor of the living room and places the glass in the coffee table. He picks up the remote control and turn on the television set. In the screen we see Genecide playing with his Legos. Achilles laughs out loud. ~ ]

[ ~ Achilles replays ... ~ ]

"So ok, let me get this straight: Gene will be the responsible one for the future collapse of the Abas Empire? Ha! Ha! Ha! what a fortunate fool. I think that Gene is living way too much in his brand new fantasies of greatness. Not only Gene is a bad dreamer, because my Empire is being build in solid ground here in the GWF. In just my second start as a wrestler, I have under my name the TV Belt and Title. And my future seems brighter and brighter every second that pass by because at the horizon, I only see myself with the World Belt around my weist, World Title on my mind. And Gene, you will not be the one who will stop it."

"What you are Gene is a copy cat. In fact, Genecide you are a hypocrite and an egomaniac too. First, you din't knew nothing, nothing about stoling my TV Belt; now, after a Papparazzie sold that "video" of me infuriated with you because you stole my TV Belt; you admit that the reason behind it was to show me how does it feels? How does it feels? Well Gene, if you want an answer, then, it feels fine because, he! he! he! well, what ever, nevermind. Probably you don't care. But Gene, you are still a copy cat."

"Lets analyize your sarcasm: "What goes around, comes around" ah? well kid, then your turn will be on Dead Zone the PPV to come to Achilles Abas, your TV Champ as a contender for the Title I represent and after a brutal match, because I garantee you that you will walk through hell, you will go as a defeated opponent. I keep telling you kid, you aren't prepared to face the almighty Champion at Dead Zone. You aren't prepared to wrestle me or to replay to me. The easy way for you now is to create false rumors about me, not being the greatest warrior of all time; the greatest wrestler of all time; the greatest among the greatest; the real deal of wrestling and yada yada yada so you can have a slight advantage over me, but ah! ah! The people who knows Achilles Abas from his early beginings knows that he is all that descriptive adjectives I'm telling. But, as the great performer that I am, all those rumors you are posting on the internet are just infuriating the monster I have trapped in my inside. Oh yeah Gene, you will notice how angry I am with your copycat attitude and at Dead Zone I will unleash that angryness in your flesh. I will turn you into my destructive canvas and I will make you, another Abas masterpiece. The people of my realm will thank me because I got rid of your annoying presence. And as the TV Champion, is my duty to make that happen. You have to go out from our televised media. You don't represent rating at all. You don't bring cash to our company at all. You are just a poor, mid card performer jumping around in a ring making dead air. Gene, you will experiment hell, the hell you think you know. Gene, you will experiment suffering, the suffering you think you feel. Gene, you will experiment the Achilles Abas Legacy, the legacy that is real. Between Genecide and me, I am the real deal. I am the reality. I am the man with the power. Gene you are just a false ideal of recognition. And this ideal will flunk as soon the referee hears your annoying voice saying I can't take this pressure any longer. I can't take this pressure any longer. Please, I don't want to be Achilles Abas. You will surrender all your aspirations of becoming Achilles Abas in a glance when I apply all my fury to the Achilles' Heel. Of course, I'm not stupid, I will enjoy this match because I'm sick and tired of your copy cat attitude. I will toss you around the ring, from mat to ceiling, from pole to pole, from rope to rope 'till I disfigure your face and crack all your bones. I have done that in my past, and Gene you have a great future to once again, validate my status as the true warrior."

[ ~ Achilles laughs briefly. Now we see on the television screen Genecide saying ... ~ ]

"Now what you fail to realize is that even though that giant asshole as you put it VanGore couldnít break your so called electrifying hold it doesnít mean I can break your piss poor hold, as a matter of fact if I actually find myself in the hold I will break it, and I will break it with ease."

[ ~ Achilles raises his eyebrows as sign of ... I don't know how to describe it. He replays... ~ ]

"So Gene, you are making a statement that you will break out of the most, electrifying finishing move ever created: the Achilles' Heel, ah? Then Gene, prove me wrong. Prove me that my electrifying move is a poor hold like you are saying. Prove me that I am not the greatest wrestler of all time. Prove me that I am not the greatest warrior of all time. Prove me wrong in an I QUIT MATCH. Since you're saying that your confidence level is high, way beyond the sky and the universe, that's a challenge you must accept. Or, are you gonna ignore the challenge, like you did early in our "feud", ha! ha! ha!"

"Gene, I will be so disappointed with you if you don't accept this challenge. Damn! the idea of an I QUIT MATCH is getting me chills. It will be a thrill and a high rating match because no one has ever make Achilles Abas surrender. And you Gene, will not gonna be the first one. You are just just another one from the masses. This proposal is good and as the fighting champion that I am, not like you that rejected a challenge from a "rookie", I will deliver and I will make you submit to my greatness. Itís a big sacrifice because I don't have to prove you, that I am that great, but, life is all about that: making sacrifices."

[ ~ Achilles smiles as he drinks from the glass of milk. On the television screen we see Achilles' opponent: The Asshole, I mean, Genecide. Babbling like always he do about how he will defeat Achilles Abas ... ~ ]

Gene, I'll be waiting for your response to my challenge. And if you do, at Dead Zone I'll be more alert than ever and with every action you take, I will react better 'till you desperate try something stupid. Then, I will apply to your stupidity, the Achilles' Heel. And you will scream. You will surrender. You will walk away to the ramp a defeated opponent. Kid, there is no beginning of the end for Achilles Abas. It will be the end of your beginning as a wrestler. After me kid, you will go directly to Paradise X to satisfy the hunger of low class pawns of my Empire. But, I can't think of that when you are still alive. And I can't still believe that all your madness is because I wanted a title shot in my first match. Now, oh yeah, I see your game now. You are trying to jump into the Achilles Express and run with me so I can catapult you into the main eventers level. Kid, the final stop of my train will be that match at Dead Zone and I will squash you over. Gene, you don't stand a chance against me and I will dismiss you like trash. Because that's what you are: trash."

"Finally Gene, I garantee you that, you will suffer all the pain you haven't experiment before because you haven't competed with a legend as me. Your lost will be the mockery of your friends because you sounded so cocky saying you will be the two time TV Champion that you will have to stuck your tong in your ass. Gene, you're playing with fire and you will gonna burn. First your copy cat attitude, then your hypocrite attitude. Damn! you will burn. Gene, there is a Spanish phrase that says: Yerba mala nunca muere or, Bad grass never dies in a bad translation. I'm that kind of grass, I'm indestructible. And in our fight you will notice how impotent you are. And yes Gene, you are. You haven't replay to my threats because you can't handle the pressure. Shit! you rejected my challenge because I am a "rookie". You just went back in time and cover up things saying that I have to prove, prove, prove, but the truth will remain always visible: You sucks and I don't have to prove you anything. You don't know anything about Achilles Abas, hence you are trying your best to be like me. Gene, there is nothing else to do, your destiny is already written in my book: just accept the fact that all these efforts you're making will fail because you can't shine like the star I am. Gene, you are a copy cat! You are a liar! And you are a hypocrite! And I can't stand hypocrite people! Gene, I'm more intelligent than you are, you can't win over Achilles Abas because there is no loophole or screw job on your planet that will put me over the mat for you. Or surrender to you if you accept my humble challenge. Nothing! So Gene, prepare because the monster will be unleash and you will be paralyzed. Nah! You will be crippled!"

"Genecide, your ass is grass and some gay friend of yours will gonna smoke it, but I will torn every ligament in that fragile body of yours. Trust me on this one. No one will screw Achilles Abas. No one! So kid, prepare mentally for this war and bring your white flag because my Epire is getting fortified with every breath you take. See you soon, buddy! Ha! Ha! Ha!

[ ~ Achilles laughs out loud like a maniac. We try to zoom in our perspective to see what's in the bag and oh my god. I knew Achilles is a genius! Gene, your world will be rock down ha! ha! ha! ~ ]

[ ~ STATIC ~ ]

[ ~ FIN! ~ ]