The Exterminating Angel

[ ~ It's Friday, February 25, 2000 already. Man! Time is flying these days. Two days ago The Exterminating Angel: Mr. Achilles Abas, survived what was his third encounter with Abel, The Intensive One, or shall we call him from now on The Diminishing One. Ha! The Diminishing One! What a great nickname. At Slam, Achilles made history when he became the only wrestler with the most victories over the same competitor. Three times! Just imagine, if Abel, The Diminishing One, was Wrestling Triple Crown Series, Achilles Abas became the first ever Triple Crown Winner in wrestling history. Ha! Ha! Ha! Abel was an easy series for the almighty Champion. Talking about the Champion, Achilles gave another awesome performance on that Last Man Standing Match. I just hope that the Last Man Standing Match will get nominated for a NNW Academy Award for Match of the Year. And duh! nods for Achilles Abas for Outstanding Male Wrestler/Performer in a Leading Role. Oscar fevers? Oh Hell Yeah! ~ ]

[ ~ Talking about awards, after Abas' match, I tuned into the Grammies Show and there I saw a couple of great performances. Starting from the Dixie Chicks and ending with Santana. I liked Santana performances! He is the Achilles Abas of the Musical Industry. I took notes I'll pass along to Achilles so he can choose a theme/entrance song. An instrumental Smooth will be marvelous for him. Anyway, watching the Grammies made me realize how stupid is the NNW employees involved in this feud over theme/entrance song rights. They are wrestlers and they should focus on wrestling. For Peteski's Sake! Wrestler focussing on fancy attires and impressive pyrotechnic will end like El Grande. And how El Grande ended? I don't know 'cause it was so insignificance no one noticed it. Take my advice, or Achilles will crush you down 'till you learn the true purpose of this business. Then, it will be too late 'cause you will end a crippled soul after the Achilles' Heel. And no one escapes from it. No one! Shit! I have a job to do ... ~ ]

[ ~ We are a quarter from starting a brand new hour, but still, Friday, February 25, 2000 somewhere in Abas World. The scene fades in from darkness to reveal at the horizon nothing less than darkness. As our perspective moves swiftly through obscurity, images starts appearing beside us 'till we reach the end of the horizon. Impossible? Ha! Nothing is impossible in Abas World. The texture of the end of the horizon is a smooth surface. Nearby us there is a stair conducing to an unknown level for us. We reach it and walk it up. We open the closed door and we enter ... ~ ]

[ ~ The Narrator's transmission hits static ~ ]

[ ~ Scene Description: It's 1:20 AM from a Friday. February 25, 2000 to be more precise. We are standing at Achilles Abas' Mansion in Long Island, New York. We see Achilles doing some paper work on the dinning room. An unfamiliar tune is playing aloud. Achilles finishes his paper work and walks out of the dinning room to the living room. He grabs the remote control and turns it on. There we see the encore match of AA against Abel. Achilles smiles and replay ... ~ ]

For a third time I have defeated Abel, The Intensive One. What else I have to prove with him? At Takeover 2000 I proved that I am a fearless brawler. Then at Wednesday Slam I proved that I am an intelligent technician. And now, I proved that I am a survivor. Winning the Last Man Standing Match was another milestone in my already illustrious career. Not because I won, but because I became the only wrestler in NNW history to defeat the most times the same wrestler in his NNW stays. I'm sure that, after that triumph, I'll receive nominations for the No Name Wrestling Hall of Fame. And I'll be more than honor to be the first wrestler to be inducted to it. And with that on mind, I'll add another nickname to my long list of nicknames: The Living Legend: Achilles Abas. But, apparently Abel isn’t satisfied with the results. He keeps bitching around on how tough he is. And how he will defeat me in our upcoming battles. Dreams! But the fact of the matter is that, he's turning into an annoying little brat.

Abel, is not my fault that you weren't prepared for our battles. In fact, I don't care about it. That's your responsibility, to be one hundred percent prepared so you can give the audience a two hundred percent performance. I work that way. You don't see me fooling around, praying to the Lord of Darkness for a miracle. I work my ass every single day training in The Wallflower to give the audience what they want: destruction. And to give my ego what it wants: glory. And you know by now Abel, that I'm great at that. In fact, I'm great at all, that's why I'm holding the World Heavyweight Championship Belt and Title and you don’t. Abel, I'm a working man, I'm a fighting Champion, and my dear friend, I don't have more time for you. You blew your opportunity so like N'SYNC says: "bye, bye, bye".

[ ~ Achilles laughs out loud. On the TV screen we see now Desil. As soon Desil finishes, Achilles replays ... ~ ]

Desil, Desil, Desil. You see kid, you fell into the trap I set you up to prove your intellectual capacity. You demonstrated to me with those silly gifts that you don't know anything at all from the wrestling business. You think that wrestling is the art of driving in Hummer-Limos? That wrestling is the art of hooking up with whores? That wrestling is the art of spending money on stupid outfits? Kid, you are clueless. In fact, I don't know why are you still holding the Tag Team Titles. Maybe is because Assassin's talent. Desil, money? I don't need more money because I'm multimillionaire. Cars? For Peteski's Sake! I have one from each model. Women? like I said before, I have my own Arden. What I was looking from Next Generation was commitment to Achilles Abas and you have failed to give it. That was all. But I see your mentality now, you are angry with me because I dint joined your stupid boy band group. It's ok with me, hate me. Besides, I'm the World Champion, every one in the NNW Roster hates my gutsy attitude. But listen you very well Desil, the day you enter the square ring to fight me, it will be the last day of you as a proud member of Next Generation because Desil, not only I will tear your ligaments apart, I'll burn your flesh 'till you go to ashes. Trust me Desil, I have done worst things in my life than burning human flesh.

But lets continue analyzing the conclusion I concluded of you. Shall we? Sure! Faggot? Do you know the meaning of the word faggot? I don't think so. Probably you know the slang variant of the word faggot. So Desil, I'm no homosexual. So if you had sexual fantasies with Achilles Abas, I'm flattered but no thanks. Go masturbate yourself with your Next Generation friends. And please Desil, don't get it personal with me. Beside, is your entire fault because of you been a lousy character. A faggot is a bundle and a bundle is a group of objects held together. Hmmm interesting. A group of objects? and an object can be a humans right? So, to use the correct significance of the word faggot then we have that Next Generation is a Faggot. You see Desil, your vulgar language don't impress me. In fact, it only makes me realize how wordless are you. Do you have an education at all?

Now, I'm a man of my word and I will deliver the promise. But, how I know that spot of blood was from Dustin Jacobs? Ha! I'm no stupid man Desil, I'm a smart man. If you want to outsmart the World Champion, you have to do better than that. I want the decapitated head of Jacobs, not just a spot of his blood. I don't care if you feud him and busted his skull open, I want to be witness of that assassination. So, there you have it. You're still way behind Abas' game. Of course, an easy solution will be a match between Abel and you, with me as the special referee to determine the man who will face me in the near future, but, that will be a selfish idea from my behalf to have both of you in a fight, since there are a lot of wrestlers who're dreaming of becoming the World Champion also. And I'm a fare man. So Desil, I think that for your best, you should go back to the Wrestling Training Camp to improve your abilities.

[ ~ Achilles laughs out loud. He walks out of the living room to God knows where. He is saying ... ~ ]

But Desil, if you want to play war games, then I should form my own army, just in case you keep on bitching around. And Desil, with my military knowledge my soldiers will reign supreme. And you know why? not only because of the knowledge I have acquired through the years, but because of the kind of leader those souls will have. A leader that will put his career in the middle of the battle zone for the annihilation of your species Desil. A specie that do not give anything worthy for our mankind. And my mankind is tired of that, meaning you. Desil, my Mercenaries will come to the NNW if you keep on bitching around. Don't make me call them 'cause if you do, then boy, you’re Next Generation days will be over.

Beware of the Man I am ... Fear the monsters I will unleash.

[ ~ Achilles sees on the TV screen the card for next Saturday Slam and Special Tuesday Rage. He starts laughing out loud with the decision of the President of booking Desil for the World Title. Abas replay ... ~ ]

Well, well, well. After all this talking about been fare with the NNW Roster, the President of the NNW has awarded, abruptly may I say, Desil a Title Shot for my World Heavyweight Championship Belt and Title for next Tuesday in a Special Edition of Rage. Ironically? Rage! The show where all started for Achilles Abas. I don't see my self losing all what I have constructed there, because Desil, with the same tenacity I destroyed Abel's career in the past weeks, I will enter the square ring and destroy yours. You see Desil, now I'm obligated to call my Mercenaries. Not because I'm scare of you, not even because I can't beat you. Just to have a fare match. My Soldiers will supervise your jacking buddies while I dictate all movements in our combat. Desil, prepare for the ride of your life in the most frustrating rides ever created: Achilles Abas - The Exterminating Angel. Frustrating because I'm so powerful, not even God can't stop me. Desil, I hate to carry your ass to the Main Eventers League, but since I have no other choice, I will dispose of you like you are: a mediocre wrestler who's aspirations of been World Champion vanished all because of me, the reality. Desil, this Tuesday at Rage, you will notice why I'm called The Real Deal, why I'm called The Show Stopper, why I'm called the Main Eventer, why I'm called The Grand and Intensive One. And Desil, after me, there is nothing else to do, just lay back an wait for death. Desil, no one escapes from the Heel, and you will not gonna be the first one. Desil, let's the game begins. And may the stronger, smarter, most talented and intelligent performer win. And as a foreshadow, that will be me, Achilles Abas. Don't you like the truth? I'm sorry pal, I am the truth. I am the reality. And Tuesday night, you will clash with reality, you will scream because it will be a reality, and you my friend, will surrender to your Master. Remember that AA stands for Abnormally Awesome, and Next Generation will be the first flag I will conquer for complete No Name Wrestling domination. Abas Empire, fortifying with every breath you take.

[ ~ Achilles' transmission hits static ~ ]

[ ~ Fin! ~ ]