The Exterminating Angel

[ ~ Its Saturday, February 26, 2000 in and out Abas World. And to tell you the truth, I think that the Earth is rotating kinda slowly today. Maybe is just my imagination or maybe are just my complicated theories about the Universe. Ah, probably you don't care about my Physics Theories regarding the Earth and my Philosophical Theories regarding mankind. So, let's go directly to my boss, your champ: Achilles Abas ... ~ ]

[ ~ He has to go back in time for our Achilles Abas moment because it’s already occurred. Picture this: it's Friday, February 25, 2000. To be more exact, it's 3:25 PM out there in New York, where Achilles Abas is. The scene clears up from nothing to reveal the crowed and noisy streets of the island of Manhattan. Our perspective moves swiftly through the streets 'till it finds a group of screaming Blink 182 fans gathered in front of the MTV Building. Instantly, our perspective moves upward to the Total Request Live studio and there we see none other than No Name Wrestling Heavyweight Champion of the World: Achilles Abas, filling in for regular host Carson Daly, waiting for the cue to start today's show. Achilles is wearing a metallic blue leather suit with black T-shirt. The suit is from Puerto Rican designer Leonardo. Also, Achilles is wearing his NNW World Heavyweight Championship Belt. The director says we are on the air in 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 ... ~ ]

[ ~ Achilles smiles and says ... ~ ]

It's America youth's favorite time of the day, it's 3:30 PM and school is over because Total Request is life. I'm your host, No Name Wrestling Heavyweight Champion of the World Achilles Abas, filling in for Carson Daly who is in Los Angeles, California because of the lousy Grammies. But, who cares about Carson when you have the most electrifying, can I say electrifying in MTV? Ha! performer of all times, me, Achilles Abas. In the next hour we will be counting down the most requested videos for today and I'll be commenting about my upcoming battle with Desil for the belt I'm wearing. So stick around 'cause today TRL will be simply awesome. Scout's honor. So, let's get started with the tenth requested video and is from Lit, its Miserable on Total Request Live ...

[ ~ Miserable by Lit ~ ]

How lucky those son of a bitches are. Oh! Can I say bitch on MTV? Sure I can, I'm Achilles Abas. So, as I was saying, how lucky those sons of bitches are! Walking all over Pamela's body so freely. That makes me miserable! I'm sure all you guys too. Ha! Ha! Ha! Talking about making people miserable, Tuesday night at Rage I'll make Desil a miserable soul. Why? Simple, because Tuesday night at Rage Desil will enter the square ring to fight with the Devil himself: AA, for the World Heavyweight Championship Belt and Title I held. Desil will get hurt, badly hurt. I have always delivered all my promises and at Tuesday night, I will deliver, again. Desil doesn’t stand a chance against the almighty warrior, and like the rest of my opponents, he will be crippled. But, why Desil must die Tuesday night? As you all know, and if you don't know, you know now, Desil is mad with me because I dint joined his faggot, hey people don't open your eyes like that! Go check on a dictionary for the meaning of faggot. As I was saying, he is mad because I dint joined Next Generation. And now I am the bad guy, and like the villain I am, I will murder him. That will be a great show to see so remember, tune next Tuesday Night to NNW to see Achilles Abas defeating Desil. Hey! I have a show to run so let's go to the number ninth requested video for today, its from the stunning black beauties named Destiny's Child's Say My Name ...

[ ~ Say My Name by Destiny's Child ~ ]

How many coincidences! Is Desil's destiny to serve as a grindstone to Achilles Abas. Not only I'll polish my abilities further more, I'll retain the World Heavyweight Championship Belt and Title. Desil is just a child playing with men, and he will remember my name. Oh yes he will because when I hit the Achilles' Heel on him, he will feel my true power and he will know how impotent he is as a performer. Desil will scream so loud that he will surrender in a glance to the master himself, none other than your host, Achilles Abas. We have to take a break now, but when we come back the rest of the list. Don't you dare change the channel!

[ ~ Commercial Break ~ ]

We're back! The eighth requested video is from 2gether and its U + Me = Us (Calculus). Hilarious! Watch out Next Generation 'cause 2gether are coming to kick your boyish asses. Here they are at number eight ...

[ ~ U + Me = Us (Calculus) by 2gether ~ ]

At number seven we have Kid Rock's Only God Knows Why, and only God and the Lord of Darkness knows why Desil is acting in such a stupid way. Oh yeah, I'm the God of wrestling and I'm the Lord of Darkness, so, I do know why he is acting like Desil. Ha! We all know why he is crying like a baby. All because Achilles Abas dint joined his group. Bah! He's a loser, and Tuesday night I'll prove to the World that theory. Probably after the match concluded, when he is been transported to the hospital after my beating, he will cry to God and ask him why? Why he lost to Achilles Abas? Why Achilles Abas came to the NNW? Oh well, do you care to know? No! We don't care to know. So let's move on to the sixth spot on the list, is Britney Spear's From the Bottom of my Broken Heart. She's so lovely, actually, I could date her. Talking about similes, Desil will be heart broken 'cause he dint destroyed the monster in me to became the newest World Champion. In fact, with his cocky attitude, Desil is Making me Bad, encouraging me to be a more fearless athlete with him. Maybe he will see a brand new Abas, meaner. Hell! He will see brand new Achilles Abas. Desil, I'm already having Goosebumps. Prepare for your death sentience 'cause I'll decapitate you with my bare hands. On the number five, Korn's Make me Bad ...

[ ~ Make me Bad by Korn ~ ]

On the fourth spot, we have Grammy's Best New Artist Christina Aguillera with her stupid song of What A Girl Wants. I think Christina is hot, but the song is stupid. Maybe is just the video. Oh well, we have to take a break, but when we come back, the final three most requested videos for today on TRL.

[ ~ Commercial Break ~ ]

We are back folks to Total Request Live, I'm your host, Achilles Abas filling in for Carson Daly who is masturbating in LA right now. Let's continue with our hot list for today. The number third video is from Dr. DRE and Eminem and its Forget About Dre. This video rocks!

[ ~ Forget About Dre by Dr. Dre featuring Eminem ~ ]

They were the third requested video for today, Dr. Dre and Eminem. Eminem won two Grammies, for Best Rap Solo Performances and Best Rap Album. I like the video of Role Model best, but, hell, this is your show America. Do you think people will forget about Desil? Sure! He hasn't done anything at all to our industry since his early days of rookie. And now that he is a mid card performer, he will be stopped. Stopped by the force himself, Achilles Abas. The Show Stopper, The Icon, The Main Event, and The Fucking Show. Desil, I know you're watching 'cause you are a fan of our next group so listen me very well: Tuesday, at Rage, your dream of becoming World Champion will be extinguished because when you clashed with the reality, you will notice how insignificant you are as a wrestler. And not even your allies will save your soul. The Mercenaries are coming in case your buddies decide to ruin my show, so you have been warned in live TV. In our number two spot, again, The Backstreet Boy's Show Me The Meaning of Been Lonely...

[ ~ Show me the Meaning of Been Lonely by The Backstreet Boys ~ ]

Those were the Boys at number two. Desil will know the true meaning of loneliness when all his friends walks away from him when he turns into a crippled soul all because of me. Desil doesn’t have leadership to command Next Generation, and I'll demonstrate that Tuesday night at Rage. I am the true leader. I am the true gladiator. I am the one and only warrior. And I will be the only World Heavyweight Champion. Desil, if you want, I can say your eulogy at your funeral. I'll be the better one because I will be witness of your death because I am the 'cause. Desil, its time for you to serve God as a cloud or a tree 'cause as a human being you are pathetic. And as a wrestler, ha! terrible. Desil, Desil, Desil, you started the war, now is too late to make peace. Desil, you must beware of the man Achilles Abas is, but you must fear the monster I will be on that square ring. Hmm, they are telling me to wrap it up, so here is the number one video on TRL, is N'SYNC's Bye Bye Bye ...

[ ~ Bye Bye Bye by N'SYNC ~ ]

There you have it, the most requested video for today from my boys N'SYNC saying Bye Bye Bye with style. And with style I'll say bye bye bye to Desil. And he will join Paradise X along with Abel - The Intensive One, El Grande, and Bing for the rest of his life 'till death due them apart. Finally, the show is over, see you Tuesday Night at Rage for Desil's last match as a wrestler. I'm Achilles Abas saying good night and good fight!

[ ~ Achilles’ TRL transmission its over. Achilles walks to the audience gathered in the studio to sign autographs and to keep on talking about his match with Desil this upcoming Tuesday night. A few minutes later, the director of TRL says to Achilles that Desil made some bold stupid comments about Achilles. Abas laughs out loud and replays ... ~ ]

Ok, let me get this straight. Desil's fancy cars and pyrotechnia should impress me? Ha! Ha! Ha! On the contrary, his effort makes me laugh. It makes me laughs because Desil is trying so hard to equal my quality as a performer with fantasy. I don't care if Desil lives in a world of his own, at the end, he will collide with reality, and I am the reality. I will end victorious, again. No one will stop my streak, not Desil. Not Desil's fancy cars. Not Desil's pyrotechnia. Not Desil's Next Generation. Not nothing at all. My role in the NNW is to teach wrestlers like Desil who thinks are wrestlers the true meaning of wrestling. And every time I see his yellow flashy name on the tron, more furious I get because he doesn’t understand what is wrestling about. And that same fury I will unleash on him on Tuesday Rage to teach him a valuable lesson on wrestling. Of course, he will be disappointed because after all the effort he will not gonna practice what he learned, because he will end a crippled soul. Desil, I'm more awake than you are, because I am alert. I think that you should be the one preoccupied.

You see Desil, I don't have to see your way, 'cause your way is still as stupid as it used to be. As I told Johnathan Chambers, you should return the book you bought of Achilles Abas History because the information that you have isn't accurate. You want to know my life, go to my website Achilles Abas: The Real Deal - online. Your childish games aren’t provoking me stupid emotions like you want to provoke on me. Beside, you are still the same ignorant. You know why you are an ignorant? Because if you enter the arena Wednesday Night to fight Achilles Abas for the World Title, you will enter to an empty arena. Ha! Ha! Ha! I don't care if you want to wrestle me on Wednesday night, that fight will be a personal one. Don't show up Tuesday, it will be more easy for you. Ha! Ha! Ha! And he thinks he is the real deal! You see, I'm smarter than you are Desil. I'm stronger than you are Desil. I'm bigger than you are Desil. I'm more powerful than you are Desil. I'm the fucking World Heavyweight Champion. And this belt you want the most will stay with me forever. Desil, as the fighting Champion that I am, I have my own game plan developed. The objective is very simple: crush you 'till death. Splat you like a little, annoying pest that you are. And I will gonna do it. Because I have the attitude to do it. Because I have the talent to back up the attitude to do it. Because I have all those qualities that makes me what I am right now. The man you admire the most. The man you love the most. The man you want to be. The difference between you and me Desil is, that I am, and you keep on dreaming. It's a shame, I could be a great addition to the Next Generation, but, the war is already taking place and you my friend, as the beloved enemy, you will surrender to me. Prepare your white flag Desil. You will need it.

[ ~ Achilles Abas laughs out loud. The scene hits static. ~ ]

[ ~ Fin! ~ ]