Achilles Abas: The Real Deal

Born on August 2, 1977 in Hato Rey, Puerto Rico, Achilles Abas Etbauer is the first of three sons of the legendary, hall of famer wrestler Ibrahim Abas. He has two identical twin brothers: Christian and Blake, both wrestlers. His early years were at Arcadia, California, where his father has his notorious wrestling training camp: The Abas' Wrestling Mill. With wrestling running through his veins, Achilles started training his body, mind and soul in his father's Mill since his teen-age, breaking all expectations ... and rules. Just like the Greek Myth of Achilles, Achilles Abas became the greatest warrior in all time.

At 6'8" tall, 265 lbs. on weight, Achilles studied Engineering with a concentration in Structural Design after finishing his development as a wrestler. With the knowledge acquired, Achilles designed the most electrifying finisher ever created in the wrestling industry, an ankle lock submission maneuver he called Achilles' Heel in honor to the Trojan Hero's wrath and in rebellion to his dramatic death by a shoot to Achilles' heel by an arrow.

Achilles' first promotion was in September, 1997 at the Global Wrestling Federation (GWF). Fellow wrestler Skyfire, who was seeking for new talent to form the group Dark Death Empire so they can take over the GWF, scouted him. But, Achilles used the stable idea to catapult his name in to the main eventers’ level. His first match was against Norton and was for the United States Heavyweight Championship Title. President Sean Roberts-Scanlan was so impressed with Achilles' fearless attitude, he granted the rookie a shot to the World Heavyweight Championship Title, belt held by GWF legend: El Phantasmo. Achilles became World Champion November 15, 1997 when he applied the Heel to El Phantasmo. A week later, he lost the Championship Belt to the soon to be legend: Eclipse. And with his World Belt, Achilles lost his undefeated streak and his calm. But losing to Eclipse was Achilles' rebirth. And what a rebirth!

On Christmas' Eve, 1997, Jake "Eclipse" Riley's parents and his little sister were gunshot and killed in a car-jacking incident. Eclipse was terrified when he saw his parents collapsing to the ground dead. With his parents' death, Eclipse lost control of his life.

Back in to wrestling, Achilles literary destroyed Chris Westaway to capture his first of two Canadian Championship Title reigns. He vacated the title when he suffered a slight injure, disappearing from wrestling for a while.

In early February, 1998; Achilles came back to the GWF square ring but with a different attitude. An attitude that helped him to capture the World Heavyweight Championship Title for a second time. Achilles was insane, and he was destroying everything he saw in his path. He recaptured the Canadian Title but he used his championship power to move to the number one contendership to the World Champion: Eclipse. Achilles - Eclipse battle for the World Heavyweight Championship Belt was a classic struggle between good and evil. Eclipse the fan favorite hero defending the pride and honor of been the face, while Achilles was the hunting monster, hated by everyone, who was determined to capture the World title recognition. Achilles and Eclipse were caged in a barb wired cell, with weapons on its inside, and a ladder to climb to the status of World Champion. The match was brutal, both man gave it all. But Achilles was the stronger and with a desperate move he later called The Ironic Trek, he was able to slam Eclipse to a ladder, injuring his back, and pinning his bloody carcass to capture the World Title for a second time. This was Eclipse's first lost as a wrestler, and he was furious with AA.

AA stands for Abnormally Awesome, because Achilles was simply awesome in that ladder match. His performance granted him the title of Living Legend in the GWF. Every wrestler in the GWF roster feared Achilles, so he was the undisputed champion for a long time. Eclipse came back to the wrestling ring and challenged AA to a rematch. But the rematch never was a reality because Achilles was kidnapped by Thriller to train the youngster to be a World Innovator. Of course, with Achilles' disappearance, President Sean Roberts-Scanlan striped him from his World Title and awarded it to Eclipse. When Achilles came back to action after been kidnap, Eclipse vacated the title because of the injury made by Abas. And Achilles walked away from the ring because it wasn't fun fighting everyone else knowing he just want to destroy Eclipse's life. But Achilles was more intelligent than Eclipse, and he did the unthinkable.

When Achilles came back to the GWF, Eclipse wasn't able to wrestle, so, he knew he wasn't able to scar his flesh any longer. But, he can. Achilles aired a paid television interview named Black Tie Affair where he admitted to the world that he was the one who killed Eclipse's parents. The news shocked everyone in the GWF, including Eclipse. Immediately, all Eclipse's students started feuding with AA to vengeance their mentor, but no one was able to stop him. Once again, Achilles raised to the top of the World when he buried alive one of Eclipse's favorite students, Snake, who was the GWF World Champion at the moment, to capture his third World Heavyweight Championship Title Belt. A few weeks later, Achilles handed the title to Redrum and walk away from wrestling and from the GWF.

January 29, 2000, Achilles Abas reappears in the wrestling square circle, this time in a new promotion: The No Name Wrestling, where they don't go by name, they go by reputation. And Achilles Abas was seeking that ideal: go by reputation. He debuted with a victory over former NNW World Champion Bing, and with his impressive victory, he was invited to participate in the World Heavyweight Championship Title Tournament for the vacant World Title. On February 8, 2000, Achilles defeated El Grande to advance in the Series and later in the night, he outsmarted Abel "Mr. Intensity" and Assassin to be crowned the New World Heavyweight Champion. For the next two weeks, Achilles Abas was involved in a feud with Abel "Mr. Intensity" and in each of their matches, he defeated him. He was the undisputed, undefeated, and last No Name Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion because the promotion closed because of the roster strike against Achilles Abas' Championship reign.

Achilles Abas once again showed to the world, why he is the true real deal in the wrestling business.