[ Starting The Narrator's transmission ]

[ ~ Achilles Abas is still missing and I don't have a story to tell! I'm lost! And what is worst, that asshole and thief of Genecide is still free in the community. Genecide, please, liberate Achilles Abas! Don't you understand that his absenteesm is killing this company! The worst rating ever came this past Overload! No one can electrify the audience like Achilles Abas does. D-Ranged can't and I don't care if you and your jacking partner Phil McCann are the World Tag Team Champions. Mark Calypso can't either and I don't care if he is the number one contender for a World Title Shot against Heinz Kruger. Shit! Not even Heinz Kruger can't electrify the audience like the former (KILL ERIC LANSHEER) GWF Television Champion Achilles Abas. Why? Because Achilles Abas is the real deal of wrestling. Achilles Abas is the show stopper of wrestling. Achilles Abas is the true main event of wrestling. Damn! Achilles Abas is the god of wrestling. People buy ticket to see Achilles Abas perform in the middle of the ring, kicking the ass of people like JT The Broken One and Cyrix VanDuh The Feared One. The people of this world don't pay money to see you shake your ass in the middle of the ring. If they want to see someone shaking ass, they will pay for concert tickets from J.Lo and Ricky Martin. So Gene, liberate Achilles Abas right now! ~ ]

[ ~ Don't you see Gene? If Achilles Abas is disappeared, I don't have a job to do. My real job is to tell the story of the allmighty champion Achilles Abas. People like that. You like it, remember? Remember when you paid thousands for a Narrator look-a-like for one of your promos, ah? Probably not because you are just like the probability and statistics exponential distribution: don't have mind! In fact, you don't have any sign of intelligence at all. You, you are just a fucking, bastard, bloody animal! You should be in the zoo and not in the GWF! And because of your stupid actions of kidnapping Abas, I am obligated to do something that I always wanted to do, but because of being in the shadows of my boss, your champ Achilles Abas I wasn't able: W-R-E-S-T-L-E . ~ ]

[ ~ Genecide, I have challenged you three times. And each and every single time you just said NO. Pussy! Achilles Abas was right when he said that you are a coward. A coward and a pussy! What's the matter Genecide, are you afraid of a voice without physical apperance, ah? Probably yes, you are afraid of the voice of The Narrator. So, because of this I'll come to your world and step into the ring and squash you 'till you expire. I can do that, I have being with the living legend Achilles Abas for the past years narrating all his magnificent stories and watching him closely train for his battle. I have aquired the necessary knowledge on wrestling to defeat you, Genecide, and Heinz Kruger, the so called World Champion. And there is a huge difference between you and Heinz Kruger so, the point is that all this knowledge aquired is enough to beat you and the so called greatest wrestler in this company. Shit! I am even capable of defeating Achilles Abas. In fact, I am the only one who can defeat Achilles Abas in his own game. Picture it: The Narrator, Achilles Abas, one on one, live on Pay Per View! Ha! Ha! Ha! ~ ]

[ ~ But, Achilles Abas doesn't know about me. ~ ]

[ ~ Its an irony because I know everything about my boss, your future two time Television Champion Achilles Abas. I know how excited he was when he defeated El Phantasmo for the old version of the GWF World Title because I was there. I know how mad he was when Eclipse defeated him for the old version of the GWF World Title because I was there. And I know how psycho he went when he gunshot Eclipse's parents on Christmas Eve because, well ... I was there. And because I am always there for my boss, your future USA Champion Achilles Abas, I will step down from my world to yours to fight you 'till you liberate Achilles Abas from the chains you have him. Feed him! He will lose his magnificent physic! ~ ]

[ ~ This new mentality grant me an opportunity to show my wrestling abilities at Whiplash The Pay Per View where I will travel through time and space and I will be part of the battle royal for the final spot for the Four Way I Don't Know The Name match for the vacant GWF Television Title. Vacant because that asshole of Eric Lansheer decided to strip Achilles Abas from it because he is unable to defend it. Duh! Of course Achilles Abas is unable to defend it because he is kidnapped! Man! Americans are such an assholes. Back to Whiplash the Pay Per View, as of right now, I am the only one booked for the battle royal and that busted my wrestling confidence to the extremes because from all the wannabe stars, I am the first one to be recognized as a future champion for this company. Ha! Ha! Ha! And I'm just a voice! ~ ]

[ ~ Nine wannabe stars will join The Narrator for the final spot later in the night for the vacanted title of my boss, your future International or Intercontinental, whatever, Champion Achilles Abas. Nine wannabe stars. I took time from my time because now, without narrating for Achilles Abas, I have a lot of spare time to waste on wannabe stars like the one I found out in the research I did and look what I found out. Since I'm just a voice without physical apperance, I am able to be everywhere without being recognized, and ha! ha! ha! Genecide wants in the battle royal too. I don't know why, he was the worst Television Champion ever in the history of the GWF. His rating as Television Champion were the worst and he never, and I mean never, got the exposure that Achilles Abas had while TV Champ. But, I don't know if he is man enough to step into the battle royal now that I am in. He is such affraid of the Abas family that he dreams of us every night. Liberate Achilles you bitch! He is turning into an insane monster, more insane than Insane Bain! ~ ]

[ ~ As I was saying, nine wannabe stars will join me, The Narrator, for the final spot later in the night for the vacanted title of my boss, your future Pacific Champion Achilles Abas. I will step into the ring and throw the dreams of this nine wannabe Television Champions over the top rope so I, The Narrator, can advance to that final spot. And I will do everything, everything to get into that match because my duty is to honor the greatest wrestler in this fucking company: Achilles Abas. And becoming the Television Champion will be a great start for the lifetime achievement spectacular the Empire is preparing for the home comming of our leader: Achilles Abas. Then, later in the night in Germany, or early in the morning in the Caribbean, I will step into the ring and set into fire, oops, erase that line! I will be on fire and I will clash Harlequin, Draven and Kid Fresh to become the new Television Champion. The Narrator, GWF Television Champion! ~ ]

[ ~ But, nothing on this mortal world is perfect, and there is just a little tiny problem with me, that I must resolve before Whiplash, The Pay Per View. And that is ... ~ ]

[ End of The Narrator's transmission ]