[ Starting The Narrator's transmission ]

[ ~ I'm so pissed off with the Global Wrestling Federation as of right that I really want to quit this shitty place! And throw all my aspirations and dreams of becoming a professional wrestler down the toilet because this promotion in a glance turned into a shity place! And I don't want to work for it any longer! ~ ]

[ ~ Many reasons to leave this place. Number one, my boss your champ Achilles Abas is still missing, still kidnapped by that asshole of Genecide and no one cares about it! Of course the rest of the GWF roster doesn't care about Achilles disappearance because they know that Achilles is the true force in this promotion and having him around the locker room signifies no opportunities for them to shine and to be superstars because Achilles is that great. I do care and I am trying my best to find where my boss your champ Achilles Abas is, but, without the support of the people with "the power in this organization", I can't do nothing to bring the real star of this promotion back. The last couple of shows have being the worst shows ever! And it’s all because of Achilles absence. The company is losing money drastically and above all, is losing fans because all of the zillions and zillions of Achilles Abas' fans are losing interest with the GWF and their "superstars" like the World and US Champs because none of them can electrify them like Achilles Abas did in the past. I do think that Eric Lansheer is a moron in all aspects because if I was him, knowing the rating power of my boss, your champ Achilles Abas, I contact the devil himself in order to bring the main event, the show stopper, the real deal, the whole fucking show Achilles Abas back. But, he is just concern with his big pay per view in Germany, Whiplash, and nothing else. ~ ]

[ ~ That's my second reason to quit this stupid place: no respect for true wrestlers. Achilles Abas is disappeared, as we know by now, but, I made a challenge in behalf of Achilles Abas to the brand new United States Champion, The Extreme Anarchist Phil McCann and what Achilles Abas get, a snob by the booking committee and granted the title shot to The English Gent Lawrence Stanley, a man that have done anything as of right now worthy to a title shot for such a prestigious title. Well, prestigious my ass because I know like the rest of you know by now that Phil McCann is one of the worst wrestlers, performers, actors, action hero, Barbie doll ever created in this organization. Even myself, can defeat Phil McCann and I'm just a lousy, mad voice! I know Phil McCann is behind the disappearance of Achilles Abas because he is friend with the asshole of Genecide. And ignoring my challenge in behalf of the disappeared Achilles Abas is a true sign of his involveness with this crime. Call the cops! Call the cops! Call the cops! And arrest those two because they have the greatest wrestler ever trapped somewhere in this universe! ~ ]

[ ~ Of course, you all saw the illusion of Achilles Abas busting open Chris Camero in the last Overload show but, he wasn't Achilles Abas! Achilles Abas is still trapped by Genecide and Phil McCann. ~ ]

[ ~ I have many other reasons to be mad and quit, but ah ah, I will go to Whiplash and I will walk of the battle royal the winner and final spot of the four way battle I can care less about the title of the match for the Television Title. It’s my duty! ~ ]

[ ~ Achilles Abas is out of the PPV all because he is kidnapped and because I care about my boss, I wanted in, in this battle royal for the final spot of the four way battle I can care less about the title of the match for the Television Title. Title that my boss, your champ Achilles Abas carried for almost a month brilliantly. In the Empire, this action is a sign of courage because I'm just a voice with all the essential commodities to live a great life, but, ah ah, I'm so mad with this organization for their lack of responsibility that I went down to your place, found a fat dead body named Mitch and I'm training him in order to be successful in this match so my name can later in the night be synonymous of greatness: The Narrator, GWF Television Champion. And finding Mitch was hard. I spent days looking for the perfect body. I went to the parks, beaches, and gyms and no body impressed me the most to be that body till I went to a Jenny Craig clinic and I saw this man, an English Professor named Mitchell Moore also known as Mitch and I saw the opportunity of a life time. A fat ass dude with the courage of doing something proactive with his life and with that hunger for life that I saw in his eyes, I said to myself that's the body I want to defeat all the fucking GWF roster that are happy with Achilles Abas disappearance, no matter the optical illusion of Achilles Abas busting open Chris Camero! ~ ]

[ ~ At first, Mitch was scared to death to enter into a wrestling organization but I convinced him because he is an Abas' fan and because he is an Abas' fan, he will represent me and the rest of the Abas Empire in our quest of becoming the two time Television Champions. ~ ]

[ ~ Gotta go for now, Mitch is calling me, apparently, he finished his afternoon workout. ~ ]

[ To Be Continued. And now .... is the end of The Narrator's transmission (for now) ]