Bleeding Romeo: The Crying Soul

Born on August 2, 1977 in Hato Rey, Puerto Rico: Wilson Valentin Hernandez also known to the wrestling world as Romeo, was a troubled soul since his infancy. Betrayed by society for his ambiguous passions, critical way of thinking, gothic life style, and ruthless attitude, Will bought a one way flight ticket to Arcadia, California at age of 18. At Arcadia, his hunger for revenge grew and since he was linked with wrestling since a toddler, he found in wrestling the gateway he was seeking for fulfills his plan of destruction. Will entered the notorious Abas' Wrestling Mill for a try out, and his savage behavior captivated the attention of the Abas family.

At 6'8" tall and 275 lbs. on weight, Will start his transformation to the most demonic wrestler in the business: Bleeding Romeo. He quickly learned that, to be successful, you must kill everything standing in front, sides, and back of you, 'cuz there isn't such thing as friendship, just enemies. To tall to be a high-flyer, too huge to be a technician, Romeo combined his intelligence with his raw abilities, creating the gimmick: The Intelligent Brawler. And with the size on his size, he created the most devastating finisher known: The Crying Soul, a vicious jackknife powerbomb with a neckbreaker fall. Romeo destroyed his competition at The Mill, and Ibrahim Abas, his trainer, release him from the wallflower so he can make it out in the big league.

During his 2 years of preparations in The Mill, Romeo knew hundreds of man trying to fulfill their childhood dream of been a wrestler, he saw their desire of been famous and flamboyant, and knew that those athletes aren't for real. Romeo was the reality. In that period, Romeo knew another man trying to seek freedom from society, a kid named Cristian Abas (member of this legendary family), and formed such a bond that they decided to go into the big leagues as partners. And the perfect team was created.

September, 1997, Romeo and Cristian Abas, now known as Tybalt, entered the North American Wrestling Federation. Their first weeks were pure hell, because of the quality of performers there, but Romeo and Tybalt rapidly learned the show's gimmick, and their quest for gold, recognition and destruction was on.

Romeo's first controversy was against JaKe, leader of Da Family, a dominating stable in the NAWF. Their rivalry ended in partnership, when his followers betrayed JaKe, and found in Romeo the student he needed to polish his abilities so his legacy will endure.

While battlin' verbally JaKe, Romeo also made controversy when he got into a fight with Sandblast and Hammer, owners of the "Night Club". Their feud was so intense, that the ownership of the Club was at stakes. Romeo didn’t defeat Sandblast or Hammer, because both quit the organization. Sandblast awarded Romeo with the TV Belt for his fearless ethics. The title never was recognized by the Presidency.

Romeo busted the ranking charts in a glance, entering to the Top 10 wrestlers of the Federation. And he was granted a European Heavyweight Championship Title Shot against none other than the unbeaten Midnight Warrior Brad Phoenix. Their battle is a classic battle of good and evil, Phoenix as the face, and Romeo the monster heel. But, with Brad Phoenix's annoying charisma, every single wrestler on the NAWF roster was hoping for an upset, and Romeo gave that upset. Romeo became European Heavyweight Champion October 17, 1998, when he applied the Crying Soul Jackknife Powerbomb to Brad Phoenix. Phoenix was infuriated, and he started a campaign against the new Euro Champ. His European Championship reign lasted a month when he got screwed by the President, awarding the Belt to Brad Phoenix. None the less, Romeo was participating in a World Heavyweight Title Tournament, because Thriller vacated it and Brad Phoenix was stripped out of it. And since Romeo proclaimed himself as New World Champion after stealing the Belt from the Presidential Office, he wanted the belt the right way, and he fought for it.

But, like everywhere, Romeo got screwed again by the President, and lost to a man who never, and I mean, ever, appeared on TV (role-play) to confront Romeo, losing the spot for the tournament. Romeo was so devastated that he disappeared from the NAWF. The President was fired, and the replacement contacted Romeo and offered him the final spot he won. He accepted. Romeo's challenger, none other than Midnight Warrior, Brad Phoenix. Another classic battle, were Phoenix put his European Belt and career on the line because he was confident on his triumph over Romeo. Both wrestlers, caged in a cell, fought 'till beating the hell out of Brad Phoenix, to capture the European Championship Belt for the second time, and the World Heavyweight Championship Belt for the first time (November 29, 1998).

Romeo's reign as World Champ lasted 2 weeks, when again, the President screw him out of the World Title by a man who wasn't even closed to Romeo's abilities, Slash. Romeo walked away from the NAWF to never return to wrestling. But a phone call changed his entire panorama ...

JaKe offered Romeo an opportunity of performing at World Wide Federation of Wrestling (WWFW) as part of The ICONS. He wrestled as Will "THE CHARM" Valentine, but the federation only served to Romeo as a grindstone to polish his abilities further. Bored with competition, his alter ego, RX, came to him, and he started playing with other's minds, but no one understood his creativeness, making RX one of the most hated man at WWFW. Never-the-less, RX was scouted by another promoter, ironically named Scout, to wrestle at Degenerate World Order (DWO). The Scout offered RX an exclusive invitation to participate in the DWO Intercontinental Championship Series; so he packed his bags and shiped to his new home: DWO.

RX was feared by new comers and old legends. He is remembered for been the one who destroyed the career of One of the Angels, Fallen Angel, when he burned an X on his forehead, and stole a victory with a small package to advance in the Serie. Then, in a close battle, RX lost his opportunity to continue in the Serie, when Shadow pin him after a long and brutal match. Romeo suffered a small injured, and he retired for good.

But, his anxiety for wrestling was bigger than pain, so he joined a small federation no one knew. Hence, Romeo once again was scouted ...

The New Millennium Wrestling Alliance was seeking for proved players when they found Romeo. They offered him the spot left by his archrival Slash in the World Belt Tournament and a huge monetary contract. On December 23, 1998, Romeo destroyed 3 future NMWA superstars (Dub, Dante Burn, and Slash - who came back out of nowhere) to capture his second World Heavyweight Championship Belt in his wrestling career. With his impressive and mature abilities, Romeo was the responsible soul for the quitting of lots of young athletes who were looking for fame and fortune in the wrestling business, been the source for the closing of the NMWA. Romeo was the one and only, World Heavyweight Champ.

One of his favorites feuds on the NMWA was against KnightFall, an old rival from the DWO who was seeking revenge after Romeo X-treme or RX, burned an X on his forehead. KnightFall wasn't successful against the mighty champ, and was buried alive at the NMWA PPV. After that incident, Romeo formed his own stable: Revolution X with two other beated stars who he adviced with wrestling techniques: Dante Burn and Dub, The F'n Show (NMWA Tag Team Champions). This force was ruthless and no one was able to stop it. Many young wrestlers wanted in the Revolution, like K-pac and CWOLVIE, but none of them were as talented as Romeo. Not even close to The F'n Show.

Another classic battle, and Romeo's favorite; was against Choastic. He crippled him so badly, Choastic was out of action for a long term. Romeo's way of thinking was so advance compared to his opponent, that he created a character named Mitch, a dead fat English Teacher, who accompanied him to his matches. At Romeo vs. Choastic match, Mitch was dressed up as a Bear and laying on a Radio Flyer (wagon), and during the match, miraculously, Mitch came to live and smash the wagon into Choastic's face. Choastic was out; and with Romeo's punishment, he was pinned. Of course, Romeo never saw Mitch coming out of the death and hit Choastic! hahahahahahaha. A year later after that incident, Romeo can't belive it!!!

With the NMWA closed, Romeo was out of wrestling again, until President Kellen of United Wrestling Federation (UWF) call him and challenged him to defend the NMWA World Title against the UWF World Champion The Talk Show Host. Romeo destroyed him, to capture his third World Heavyweight Championship Belt, unifying both organizations. He suffered his first lost in a very long time against Choastic, the newest member of the Insane Asylum. Romeo was so furious with the booking committee that he took actions on his owns. He became more violent, almost unbeatable, and at Violent Passion, he capture his first Hardcore Championship Belt when he put CWOLVIE in the Crying Soul Jackknife Powerbomb and sent him directly to hell through a crystal table, cutting all his flesh and busting open his skull. Oh memories. But, once again, the booking committee screwed Romeo when Special K. defeated him for the Hardcore Belt. Romeo disappeared again from wrestling, and was the responsible for the end of the federation. Again.

A year later, this time by the name of Will Valentin, Romeo opened his very own wrestling organization, The New Wrestling Force and he is seeking for a young, talented soul to polish his abilities so he can carry on Romeo's legacy.