Introducing: Tybalt

[ ~ It's Wednesday, March 1, 2000. A brand new month has started and with it, a brand new wrestling promotion named Elite Wrestling Organization. Elite because only the greatest wrestlers in the wrestling business right now is allowed to compete in it. That is the reason for Tybalt's arrival to the EWO, because he has been one of the greatest light/heavyweights around in the past two or maybe three years. I am your host, The Storyteller, and from now on, I will be narrating for you the life of one outstanding soul by the name of Tybalt. The scene starts appearing gradually to reveal the New York lighted skyline at the horizon. Our perspective moves quicker than a ray of light through Manhattan for a few minutes, when it stops abruptly. Right now, we are standing in front of an apartment house. We enter to the apartment complex without been seen and walk to the elevator area pushing the Up button. A few seconds later, a sound is heard and the wall in front of us magically breaks in half and opens. We move to the new space pushing the seventh button, and the door closes again. The new space moves upward and a few seconds later, its stop. We walk away from the elevator to the door marked as 747, Tybalt's home. Surprisely, the scene goes static ... ~ ]

[ ~ Now we are three-quarters of an hour after. We are inside the apartment, and, to be more exactly, in the living room. We see on the coffee table a replica of the GWF United Sates Championship Belt. Our perspective moves in ratio to capture a piano, the dinning room, and a wall with decorative plates hanging from it. Also in that same wall, replicas of all the titles Tybalt have won through his wrestling career, with the exception of a World Heavyweight Championship Title. Tybalt isn't an overnight sensation; he is working to be a living legend. Out of nowhere we see Tybalt, wearing a green bath rope. He is walking to the kitchen to grab a glass of milk from the fridge while saying ... ~ ]

"I have conquered many titles in my career as a professional wrestler, but the only title I haven't captured is a World Heavyweight Championship Belt and Title. And now I joined EWO looking to end this maiden situation, and I'm still getting screwed out of the World Heavyweight Championship Belt when I wasn't booked in the Tournament Series. Instead, I'm booked to face a man named Mohawk just for the fun of it. But, I will not bitch about it and I will walk my way up till I reach the title of World Champion."

[ ~ Tybalt walks away from the kitchen to his personal computer. He sits down in his executive chair and turns on the PC. Mean while, Tybalt says ... ~ ]

"My first enemy is a man named Mohawk. Interesting, a 6'4" overweighed pal from LA. Cool, just what I needed, fat ass to polish my abilities as a performer further more. I'm maybe a light heavyweight, but I'm sure I can beat this dude down. I have the stamina he doesn’t have because of his overweight problem. I have the strength he doesn’t have because of my youth. I have the flexibility he doesn’t have because of my size. Shit, I have a great physical condition compared to him. And I will use that to my advantage because I'm sure I will tire him up and he will fall to them mat quickly, allowing his shoulders get pinned by the most charismatic wrestler in our business: Tybalt."

"In my short career as a wrestler, I have been employed by the North American Wrestling Federation and the Global Wrestling Federation. In the NAWF I was the longest Light Heavyweight Champion ever in their history. I drop the belt when my contract expired and I dint resigned with them. So, I was undefeated as a Champion there. Then I was signed by the GWF and I was also, the longest United States Champion ever in their history. I drop the belt when I won the Canadian Title, and I dorp that belt when I won the Intercontinental Title. But, I always was screwed out of the Big Title because I was considered a Light. But hell, with Mohawk I will demonstrate to the booking committee that a Light like myself can compete successfully with Heavies like Mohawk. This federation will take me serious, or in the contraire, I will obligate them to. This brings me to my first prey: Mohawk."

"I did a little bit of research on him and I just found only a couple of uninteresting things: One, he joined The Silence Promise and two, he likes beer. But, who doesn’t like beer? So, there are just two topics to discuss: Him and The Silence Promise. Mohawk, I don't care if you joined a group to back your ass up, I'm a talented athlete and I'm sure than hell that I can compete with every single wrestler in the roster and toss them around the ring like if they were feathers, so you been part of a group doesn’t impress me much. Now, you as an individual have been destined by my almighty lord to serve as a grindstone in my path to World Championship recognition. I will use you and I will dispose you and then, I will move on. Of course, you will be stuck in the same level you are right now because after my lighting bolt, there isn't anything else left to say or do. Maybe just wait for death. But, that's a sad story, and I'm kinda a happy guy and I'm on a happy mode. So Mohawk, in ten days, I think, we will enter the ring and I will walk out of it the winner because you can't destroy what my lord have destined to be good: And that's me. Mohawk, you will be down as quick as an eye blink."

[ ~ Tybalt laughs out loud as he is working on the keyboard. The scene goes static. ~ ]

[ ~ Fin! ~ ]