[ ~ It's Wednesday, March 8, 2000. Time is our biggest traitor in life because we are just one more day from the first ever EWO televised show where the highlight of it isn't the tournament to crown the first World Champion, the highlight will be Tybalt's reapperance in the square cirlce! His opponent, a proud member of the Un-Stable stable: Mohawk. But, as I was saying in the begining, time is our biggest traitor because in just two more nights, Tybalt will enter the ring and he will break the silent promise of Mohawk. Mohawk may be a heavyweight because of his corporal mass, but I'm more than sure that he is a light heavyweight in heart and courage. And Tybalt is all about courage. ~ Picture this: The scene fades in from nothing to the overflowed streets of New York City. Overflowed by executives and their respective secretaries whom are rushing themselves to the nearest cafeteria or restaurant to have a fast lunch. From this sea of people, we see Tybalt entering to a McDonalds restaurant. Our perspective zooms in and now we can hear this sea of people murmuring about how much they really hate their respective works. And how much they love a vacation in the Tropical Islands. We catch Tybalt smiling as he waits in queue to be served. While waiting on line, Tybalt starts thinking about his upcoming match against Mohawk ... ~ ]

"Having a tournament for the vacant World Heavyweight Championship Belt and Title isn't a bright idea. Is not bright because I'm not in that series, instead, I have to fight an overweighted son of a bitch named Mohawk who thinks he can pin me because of his overweighted size. Once again, I'm screwed of a World Title shot because of my weight. But I'm more than sure that someday I will crown this light heavyweight body of mine with a golden strap named World Heavyweight Champion. And that's a promise to myself that I will achieve.

[ ~ Tybalt once again smiles. Brittany welcomes him to Mc Donalds and asks for his order. Tybalt says ... ~ ]

"Yes Brittany, I would like to order a BigMac combo, Coke or Pepsi, whatever, for beverage. And please, extra large."

[ ~ Brittany says to Tybalt the amount due for his lunch while Tybalt is taking out his wallet to pay her with ten bucks. The scene goes to static ... ~ ]

[ ~ A few minutes later, we see Tybalt walking to the nearest table, with his lunch on hands. People starts recognizing him, and start asking for autographs, free tickets, backstage passes, sexual fantasies, and thoughts on his new found home: the EWO, are the ones difficulting his trajectory to the table. A female asks Tybalt to join her at her table, and he accepts. The lady introduces herself as Melody while chewing a nugget. Tybalt smiles while tearing the ketchup bag and says ... ~ ]

"Yeah, whatever. Can I ask you a question? Do you know the wrestler known as Mohawk? I'm sure you haven't heard about him. He is a proud member of the Un-Stable stable in the federation I'm performing right now and in a lucky hand of poker, I was book with him for my debut match in the EWO. And this will happen Friday night when I will face Mohawk for a chance to advance in the World Heavyweight Championship rankings so I can have a shot to that title. Oh! whom I'm kidding, you don't know who in hell is Mohawk."

"Mohawk, who in hell is Mohawk. I just know he is a proud member of the Un-Stable stable. That he is a supposed giant at 6'4" feet tall and that he is an overweighed son of a bitch at 400 pounds. He will be easy to defeat. With his physical attributes I don't think he has the stamina to endure a long battle with this young stallion. And, like my Physic professor told me once, the heavier they are, the fastest they fall. And the taller they are, the harder they will hit the floor. I just hope this Mohawk boy do not know nothing at all about physics! So I can enjoy beating his carcass while he suffers the beating in his flesh. Mohawk, you are the first courageous fool to step into the ring with this mighty stallion. Prepare for the match of your life. Not only I will embarrass you in front of the zillions and zillions of Tybalt's followers, but I will embarrass you in front of your coleagues of the Un-Stable stable."

"Oh, another thing I know about Mohawk is that he thinks he is a confident man, because of his fat ass. I laugh my ass out when he said in live TV that he will throw me into space, like if our match was inside a space shuttle, and that he will be the responsible one for my lost of weight because he will break me in half. That's not confidence, that's humor. Mohawk is a funny man! But his laughing style will end as soon he sees the lightning bolt striking into his flesh and hear me roar. And that will be the reality wake up you are crying out loud for Mohawk. When a wrestler of the caliber of Tybalt hits you with reality. I'm the reality because I'm the man. Maybe I'm not in the World Title Series, but some day I will be World Champion because is on my destiny. Mohawk, you are on my destiny as a grindstone I'll use to polish my abilities toward that goal of been World Champion. Maybe after beating you I'll be the number one contender for it, or maybe I'll be granted one of those vacant titles that I will carry with pride and honor. The point is Mohawk, you aren't pinning Tybalt. You can punch me in the eyes but you aren't making me blind. You can scar my tissue but you aren't making me bleed. You can beat the hell out of my carcass, but you aren't making me submit to your power. This feud will have a happy ending: Tybalt triumphant in his first match after my time in ... Ha! Ha! Ha!"

[ ~ Tybalt laughs out loud while taking a bit out of his hamburger. On the contrary, Melody is in shock. She takes her food and walk away from the table, leaving Tybalt alone. Tybalt smiles and whispers ... ~ ]

"Anyway, Mohawk is already history, so as for the first World Heavyweight Champion, remember my words: Beware of the man I am, fear the monster I will unleash. Because when I get to you, I'll step into the ring and fight 'till death for the World Belt. And you will notice how impotent you are in the wrestling business. I'm the leader the EOW is looking for and this is my time to demonstrate why I should be that leader. Maybe the road is long right now, but I'm a healthy man and I will endure the walk. Everything else in the federation, its bullshit, starting with Mohawk."

[ ~ Tybalt laughs out loud. The scene goes to static. ~ ]

[ ~ Fin! ~ ]