Smells Like Nirvana

[ It's a quarter from a new hour, but still Monday, March 13, 2000. Ironically, as time goes bye, it's an hour less in the life of Tybalt's next opponent: Silent Promise. Why? because in a couple of days, Tybalt will be crippling the lights out of The Promissed One in order to advance to the finals of the EOW World Heavyweight Championship Tournament, for later, achieve the only dream he haven't made reality: becoming the World Champion. The scene fades in from darkness to reveal we are still in darkness. We think our perspective is moving forward, looking for Tybalt, but in reality, our perspective is static. Suddenly, a small flame appears in the scene, illuminating the space. There we see our subject of interest, Tybalt, who is in the corner of the room, preparing a small billboard. On the floor we see pieces of construction papers of diverse colors, scissors, and glue. Tybalt is all smiles. A few minutes later, the room fades to darkness, and the voice of Tybalt is heard ... ~ ]


[ ~ A few seconds later the space is once again illuminated by a small flame. The wax produced by the burning flame is dropping to the billboard. Our perspective zooms in to the billboard trying to see what's Tybalt doing, but, the body of Tybalt covers our sight. Tybalt then says ... ~ ]

"Finally, its ready to be deliver. This billboard dedicated to the achievements of Silent Promise is another Tybalt's masterpiece. Hope Silent Promise likes this poster 'cause probably he will hate the beating he will receive next Friday Night at Fights."

"Talking about Friday Night Fights, how stupid The Un-Stable Stable idea of jumping into my match to "save" Mohawk! In my point of view, their interfer in the match was a screw out to their own member of having a triumph over me. But, what else can we expect from a group of assholes like they are. In fact, they made easier my work and with my performance, I was granted the opportunity to enter the Tournament for the World Title. Title that I will fight for because that's the only Title I haven't won in my wrestling career. Every one was screwing Tybalt because I'm a Light Heavyweight. But, I'll prove wrong to everyone because I'll take down every heavyweight to be crown the toughest light heavyweight as the heavyweight champion of the World. How embarissing for the rest of the EOW roster. Losing to a man of my size. But, I'm the better man in this federation and every single soul who will face me will notice why I was nick named The Giant Killer. Beside, I don't give a shit if my first victory in this organization was via DQ, it's a victory and period. But, let's continue with the Un-Stable Stable. Now I have the opportunity of entering into the ring with another Un-Stable Stable member: Silent Promise, my newest prey.

"A week ago, you at an imbecile asshole you are Grande. The biggest man in wrestling business right now is named Achilles Abas, and that's me. I'm your biggest challenge Grande and you will notice why you will keep on drinking at bars, thinking of your championship opportunities in the NNW 'cause I will clash your dreams of been World Champion when AA - the reality mercenary, collide with you to advance to the vacant World Belt. You will be hunted in the ring 'till my paws grabs your flesh and take a bite out of your Chicano gimmick when I apply to you the Heel. Then, just ask Bing what else to do. Just wait to die 'cause after the Heel, there is nothing else."

[ ~ Achilles laughs out loud like a maniac. He keeps on saying ... ~ ]

"And after destroying El Grande, there will be a new challenge I will conquer when I step in to the ring for the final act. I don't care who will be the rest of the crew 'cause this picture has already his protagonist: Achilles Abas the next NNW World Champion. Smells like nirvana? Oh hell yeah! Achilles Abas will reign supreme forever. So Fatal, Intensity, Assassin and Poet, beware of the man who will enter to that ring 'cause you will fear the monster I will unleash."

[ ~ Once again Achilles laughs out loud like a maniac. He laughs for a few minutes before getting serious. Then he says ... ~ ]

"And Assassin, don't you ever, and I mean ever, put words on my mouth that ain't came from it 'cause I never said I wanted to be in a stable. But, like any one would be, I am flatter by your fascination with me. Ha! I'm just the new kid on the block Assassin, there are other superstars that wants in Next Generation. Why me? Tell me 'cause trying to buy my soul with lies isnít gonna work. What would you do to make Achilles Abas part of Next Generation? What would you sacrifice to make Achilles Abas the Next Generation in the wrestling business? Tic-tac tic-tac tic-tac tic-tac. There isn't enough time Assassin to create more lies, just say the truth and you may have, the member who will sacrifice his body to make the Next Generation the Utopia."

[ ~ The scene goes static. ~ ]